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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Defece Data Leak By AntiSec

Anonymous group of hackers with the rumored return AntiSec leaked emails and personal documents owned by Vanguard Industries of Defence (VDI) up to 1 GB.

VDI is a defense contractor based in Texas, United States (U.S.). It has sold weapons to the activities of law enforcement, military and private companies.

Disclosure of personal documents up to 1 GB per AntiSec also disclosed data about unmanned helicopter or VDI Shadowhawk the CCD optics offering TV / FLIR and can be equipped with a grenade launcher mm/40mm 37, a shotgun and a thermal camera.

The data presented above comes from personal e-mail of Richard T. Garcia, senior vice president VDI who previously worked as Deputy Director of the FBI in Los Angeles and Global Security Manager, Shell Oil Corporation.

Quoted by TG Daily on Saturday (20/08/2011), Garcia is also a member of the board or a group of InfraGard Alliance law enforcement, military contractors and private security are considered evil by the group AntiSec .

"These leaks contains records of internal meetings and contracts, schemes, a secret agreement, personal information about employees of other VDI, documents and dozens of" fighting terrorism "are grouped very sensitive to the application of law and is used only for official interest only, "said an official site AntiSec.

"Not only that, we also found evidence of a wealth management adviser for Merrill Lynch notified in advance a person to Garcia about the upcoming S & P credit reduces U.S. credit score," added AntiSec.

According AntiSec, data leakage is embarrassing and disturbing the stability of Vanguard's Defense Industries, as well as send a strong message to the community to other hackers.

Hat 'hackers' white', the entire law enforcement and the military 'care' that breaks messages, files and confidential documents. We can not stop and will not stop, "close the message of this group


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