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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Woman Paying 180 Dollars For A iPad From Wood

A woman thinks she has won a bargain after getting an iPad cheaply in McDonald's parking lot.

But was surprised Ashley McDowell (22) after arriving at home, instead of getting advanced tablet, iPad bought $ 180 worth are just a piece of wood painted with the Apple logo.
Ashley told the Spartanburg County Sheriff's office in South Carolina that he was duped by two men on Monday night, which offers cheap iPad him.

Both men mengatkan that they buy computers in bulk and sell them at a discounted price of each $ 300 below the regular list price of $ 499.

Although Ashley said she had only $ 180, both men readily agreed to give an additional discount, and he immediately paid in cash without first checking the contents of the box.

Arriving home, Ashley immediately opened the package and found a painted board, framed with black ribbons and icons web browser, email inbox and iPhoto are deliberately placed. Even a Best Buy sales receipt in a box is also false.

Scientists Create Anti-bullet Skin

Jalila Essaidi, scientists from the Netherlands, making a unique innovation by creating bulletproof skin. Innovations were made in the project named "2.6g 329m / s", based on the weight and speed of a .22-caliber long rifle bullet.

Bulletproof skin is made by first harvest spider silk proteins from genetically engineered goat milk. Proteins were collected and woven so as to produce the material as strong as steel. Then, coupled with human skin cells cultured in a way.

Culture results showed bulletproof skin tissue. In a YouTube video, as shown by Essaidi under this article, artificial skin was successfully stop a bullet, though not the caliber and high-speed.

The development of this innovation is still needed, but Essaidi've got a lot of wishful thinking. "Imagine a bulletproof vest with spider silk that could catch a bullet in the modern period with an arrow Genghis Khan," said Essaidi.

Even crazier, he said, "Imagine that we replace the keratin, the protein responsible for skin hardness, with spider silk. It is possible to insert genes spider silk makers in the human genome so as to create bulletproof man."

Aka science fiction only a fantasy? Probably yes. However, if the aim is only bulletproof vests, even now already exists. Creating bulletproof man is a more revolutionary goal. We wait for further research developments.

For those who want to see, leather bulletproof successfully created Essaidi is now on display at the National Museum of Natural History Naturalis, Leiden, The Netherlands, until January 8, 2012 to come.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Processor Made Of Sand

Sand, a quarter of its parts formed from silicon, which is the most abundant chemical element on earth after oxygen. Sand (mainly quartz), has a high percentage of silicon in the form of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) and sand is the main ingredient for producing semiconductor. 

After obtaining mentahan of sand and separates the silicon, the excess material removed. Then, purified silicon gradually until it reaches the quality of 'semiconductor manufacturing quality', or so-called 'electronic grade silicon'. Purification resulted in something very powerful where 'electronic grade silicon' can only have one 'alien atom' in every one billion silicon atoms. Once this stage is complete purification of silicon, silicon smelting phase. From the picture above, we can see how the large-sized crystals that arise from the melted silicon. The result is a single crystal of the so-called 'Ingot'. 

Single crystals 'Ingot' is formed from 'electronic grade silicon'. Big one 'Ingot' roughly 100 Kilograms or 220 pounds, and has a high purity silicon up to 99.9999 percent. 

After that, 'Ingot' entering the stage of shredding. 'Ingot' in thin slices to produce a 'silicon discs', called 'wafers'. Some 'Ingot' can stand up to 5 feet. 'Ingot' also has a different diameter depending on how large the 'wafers' are required. CPU nowadays typically require 'wafers' with size of 300 mm. 

Once sliced, 'wafers' polished until absolutely perfectly smooth, mirror-like surface into a very, very smooth. In fact, Intel does not manufacture its own 'Ingots' and 'wafers', but Intel's purchase of the companies 'third-party'. Intel processors with 45nm technology, using 'wafers' with a size of 300mm (12 inch), whereas the first time Intel makes chips, Intel is using 'wafers' with a size of 50mm (2 inch). 

Blue liquid as seen in the picture above, is 'Photo Resist' as used in 'Movie' in photography. 'Wafers' are played in this stage so that the layers can be uniformly smooth and thin. 

Within this phase, 'Photo Resist' lit 'Ultra Violet'. Chemical reactions that occur in this process is similar to the 'film' camera that happens when we press the shutter (Click!). 

The most powerful area or stand in the 'Wafer' be flexible and fragile due to the effects of the rays 'Ultra Violet'. Lighting to be managed by using protective functions like a stencil. When exposed to light 'Ultra Violet', a protective layer to make the circuit pattern. In the manufacture of processors, it is very important and key to repeat this process repeated until the layers above the layer below it, and so on. 

Lens in the middle serves to shrink the light into a smaller focus. 

From the picture above, we can picture what if one 'Transistor' we see with the naked eye. The transistor acts like a switch, controlling the flow of electric current in the 'Chip' computers. Intel researchers have developed transistors so small that about 30 million 'Transistor' can be lodged at the end of the 'Pin'. 

Once exposed to light 'Ultra Violet', 'field Photo Resist' absolutely devastated. The picture above reveals a pattern 'Photo Resist' created by the protective layer. This pattern is the beginning of 'transistors', 'interconnects', and matters relating to electricity begins from here.

Although the field is destroyed, a layer of 'Photo Resist' still protect the material 'Wafer' so it would not be in the sketch. The part that is not protected will be etched with chemicals. 

Once etched, the layer 'Photo Resist' is removed and the desired shape to appear. 

'Photo Resist' re-used and irradiated with a beam of 'Ultra Violet'. 'Photo Resist' which tersinari then washed before stepping to the next stage, the washing process is called 'Ion Doping', the process by which ion particles and bang it 'Wafer', so that the chemical properties of silicone modified, so the CPU can control the electrical current. 

Through a process called 'ion implantation' (part of the process of ion doped) silicon area on the 'wafers' shot by the ions. Ions implanted in silicon in order to change between silicon with electrical power. Ion driven to the surface 'Wafer' at high speed. Electric fields accelerate ions with a velocity of more than 300.000 Km / h (about 185.000 mph) 

After the ion implanted, 'Photo Resist' is removed, and green colored material that is now embedded in the image 'Alien Atoms' 

This transistor is almost complete. Three holes have been tersketsa in the insulating layer (reddish purple), which is above the transistor. Three holes will be filled with copper, which serves to connect the transistors to other transistors. 

'Wafers' entering the stage of 'copper sulphate solution' at this level. Copper ions are stored in a transistor through a process called 'Electroplating'. Copper ions runs from the positive terminal (anode) to the negative terminal (cathode). 

Copper ions have a thin layer on the surface of the 'wafers'. 

Mashed excess material, leaving a very thin layer of copper. 

Well already started complicated. Much is made of metal layers to interconnect the various transistors. How is this connected series of relationships, it is determined by the architectural engineering and design teams that develop the capabilities of each processor. Where computer chips look very flat, it actually has more than 20 layers to create complex circuits. If you look with a magnifying glass, you will see a complex network of circuits and transistors that looks futuristic, 'Multi-Layered Highway System'. 

This is just a super small sample of the 'Wafer' is going through a phase of the first test capability. At this stage, a test pattern is sent to each chip, then the response of the chip will be monitored and compared with 'The Right Answer ". 

After test results showed that the 'Wafer' pass, 'Wafer' is cut into a section called 'Dies'. Try the skipper can see, the process was really complicated, but the result was a small talaga. In the leftmost picture that there are 6 groups 'Wafer'. 

'Dies' which passed the test, will be included into the next stage of the 'Packaging'. 'Dies' which does not pass, thrown away. 

This is a picture of the 'Die', which had been cut earlier in the process. 'Die' in this picture is the 'Die' from the Intel Core i7 Processor. 

Undercoat, 'Die', and 'heatspreader' fitted together to form the 'Processor'. Green bottom layer, used to form electrical and 'Mechanical Interface' for the processor in order to interact with a PC system. 'Heatspreader' is 'Thermal Interface' in which the cooling solution is applied, so that the processor can remain cool in operation. 

'Microprocessor' is the most complex products in the world. In fact, to make it require hundreds of stages and which we described earlier is just that important.

During the last test for the processor, the processor in the test characteristics, such as power usage and maximum frequency.

Based on previous test results, Processor Processor grouped with the same abilities. This process is called a 'binning', 'binning' is determined from the maximum processor frequency, then the stack Processor divided and sold in accordance with the specification stable. 

Processor that has been packaged and tested, go to the factory (eg for using that Toshiba laptop) or retailing (eg in computer stores) 

Menstruation Machine For Men

If you are men who are curious to know the pain a woman during menstruation or menstruation, can now try it. With menstruation Machine, a man could know how it hurts women's monthly.

Menstruation is a physiological change in a woman's body that occur periodically and are influenced by reproductive hormones. Typically, in this period women experience monthly menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea.

Dysmenorrhea usually starts shortly before or during menstruation, reaching a peak within 24 hours and after 2 days will disappear.

Dysmenorrhea is often accompanied by abdominal pain, heartburn, headache, nausea, constipation or diarrhea, fever, pain and swelling in the breast and frequent urination. Sometimes until there is vomiting.

In hormonal, menstrual and dysmenorrhea can only be felt by women. But Hiromi Ozaki aka Sputniko (25 years), Japanese-English artist who is also a programmer to design a device that allows a man could feel the woman's monthly menstrual pain.

Ozaki who studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College, London, gave the name of the device with menstruation Machine. 

Machine menstruation is an art project done by their interest Ozaki with a monthly cycle that is almost always felt female.

By displaying the features of the Royal College of Art's Design Interactions, the machine is intended to let him feel the woman's menstrual pain that is felt, although the tool is also designed for women.

Reporting from CNetNews, silver-colored machine tools are conceptually worn around the waist like a belt.

To shed blood, the device comes with blood dispensing mechanism, which will shed about 80 milliliters (2.7 ounces) of blood from the tank that stimulate menstrual period an average of five days.

The device also provides a kind of IPAD technology that serves to inhibit blood flow.

In addition, the device is also equipped with stimulation electrodes lower abdomen (lower-abdominal-stimulating electrodes), which is a machine that will stimulate the stomach cramps similar to the woman's monthly menstrual pain.

Machine menstruation can be used by men who wanted to feel closer to women (eg mother or his wife) and the experience of menstrual pain she felt.

This device can also be used by women who no longer menstruate, usually this process only becomes a ritual and gender identity.

Rob Spence: The Owner Eyes Cyborg

Since the accident, Rob Spence lost an eye. Instead, he put the camera in the eye sockets.
The camera is not a substitute for eye Spence sophisticated camera that makes it look back. 

The camera is not connected to the brain and nerves vision, but were installed to record the results of his cyborg eye view of it, for then the tape is shown to others.
Means of a wireless camera recording and the tape is automatically transmitted to the computer.

Rob did this as her passion for cinema. Day-to-day he is a director and film producer in Canada. In recent years he concentrated work on this project cyborg eye.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sims Threaten Zynga On Facebook

Zynga from now seems to be extra careful because the Facebook social gaming world has been their strong competitors emerged, namely Social Sims.

As quoted from Mashable, Wednesday (31/08/2011), The Sims Social, which is a franchise from Electronic Arts, has exited its beta version last week.

Although the new, but the Facebook version of the Sims game has been played by over 4.6 million people every day, according to AppData, an Internet traffic tracking service from the Inside Network.

The Sims Social newly launched direct also flew into the list of top 10 applications on Facebook, by being in position 6 on the back of the games made by Zynga kinds: 'CityVille', 'Farmville', 'Empire & Allies', 'Texas Hold' Em 'and' Pioneer Trail '.

Looking at the achievement of the above, Chris Taylor of Mashable, estimated that Facebook could beat the leaders of social games on Facebook today, CityVille, at the end of September.

Because it is addictive, it's no wonder The Sims sells. For the PC version only, The Sims sold 140 million copies worldwide.

The Sims Social begins with the establishment of avatars for the players, build houses and the neighborhood. Gamers must continue to care for their Sim characters by bathing, resting and connect them with other Sim characters.

So far so ordinary. But there is what distinguishes The Sims Social with its PC version is: Sim characters are the property of the user's Facebook friends.

"You do not interact with Facebook friends in real-time, but you can see a video reply of what happened to the characters Sim's friends on Facebook," explains Taylor.

"Users can to approve or not, Sim character's relationship with their Facebook friends, to get to the next level of relationship," he added.

The players who are used to playing The Sims, may be happy or disappointed over the new features. In The Sims Social users can no longer control the entire Sims family, while those users who are sadistic are also no longer able to kill their creations.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

River in the Lower Amazon River

Brazilian scientists discovered the existence of an underground river that flows along the 6,000 kilometers. Uniquely, this river flows beneath the Amazon River.

The rivers were discovered thanks to a research project carried out in 241 wells owned oil company, Petrobras, which explore the Amazon region in the 1970s to the 1980s, to look for potential crude oil content.

Underground river that flows at a depth of 4,000 meters with a flow similar to Amazon. If calculated, the underground rivers that flow 3000 cubic meters of water per second.
Or in other words, the flow of the river is only 3 percent of the flow of the Amazon jungle in Peru that disgorge and empties into the Atlantic in northern Brazil. With a length of 6800 kilometers, the Amazon crowned the world's longest river.

The scientists named the river, Hamza, as a form of respect for the scientists of Indian origin, Valiya Mannathal Hamza, who dedicated his life studying the Amazon region for more than four decades, and chairman of the research team.

Indications of the existence of the river presented itself by Valiya Hamza of the National Observatory, Brazil. According to him, "thermal information" owned Petrobras enable research teams to identify the movement of underground streams.

The findings were presented last week in Rio de Janeiro in a meeting held by the Brazilian Geophysical Society.

Hamza added that the underground river flowing from west to east means, he has the Amazon rain forest drainage system, the Amazon River and the River Hamza.

Hamza stressed that the results of this study of new initial conclusions. His team hopes to confirm the underground stream in late 2014. However, he declined to comment on the economic and environmental impact of underground rivers in the Amazon rainforest.

Hurrican Irene Go Beserk

TRMM satellite owned by Space Agency (NASA) described the magnitude of Hurricane Irene in the Bahamas. This storm occurred in a span of hundreds of miles from north to south in the chain of islands, seen hit the Bahamas, a country that consists of 29 islands, 661 coral islands, and 2387 this small island.

From the name, or a satellite TRMM Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission, a satellite to monitor rainfall in the tropics. However, these satellites are also monitoring the humidity of water vapor due to hurricane Irene. According to NASA's TRMM satellite also has the ability to know the level of rainfall, heavy clouds, and hot clouds that serve as the heating of the storm.

Hurricane Irene struck the Bahamas on Friday morning, and continued to move north toward the east coast of the United States. Irene including devastating category 3 storm, with winds reaching 115 miles per hour.

However, as quoted from the pages of Time magazine technology, Irene estimated magnitude of category 4, with winds reaching 131 to 155 miles per hour. Rising levels of awesomeness Irene predicted after crossing the warm waters of the Atlantic in the east and south Florida.

NASA later said the satellite passed overhead TRRM Irene since Tuesday, and took some pictures which could give some detailed information. For example, Hurricane Irene did not appear to have 'eyes', or a circular area (cyclone) on tropical storms, which tend to have low wind speed and clear air that surrounds it.

However, when the TRMM pass for the second time at 11:42 o'clock yesterday, 'eye' hurricane Irene in sight. This is because the storm intensified further distributed to the middle and pressure from the center of the storm getting poured. This is an indication of Hurricane Irene will add speed, and kedahsyatannya category 4.

Although Irene is still counted more than 200 miles south of Florida, but its presence increasingly felt threatened. Even The Boston Globe reported, cloud bands (cloud coil) formed Hurricane Irene has been seen in Biscayne Bay, Miami today.

Similar Fossils Of Mice Can Reveal Evolution of Humans

Chinese scientists have found fossils of a type of mice, which are considered to reveal the evolutionary history of mammals, including humans. The fossils came from a creature believed to live about 160 million years.

The fossils of creatures called Juramaia sinensis is the oldest fossil ever found a group of animals called Eutheria, or placental mammals. Groups of placental mammals is characterized by birth, among them, such as cows, mice, lions, tigers, dogs, whales and primates.

Furry mammal fossils found in Liaoning Province, are estimated to live in northeast China during the Jurassic. This is a time when dinosaurs still ruled the earth.

Dr. Zhe-Xi Luo, paleontologists at Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, USA, said: "Juramaia, 160 million years ago is an ancestor or" aunt ancestor of all placental mammals today evolved "he said.
Zhe-Xi Luo explained later, the results of the analysis of the fossil skeleton showed that these animals are agile creatures strong climbing capability.

Image of the fossil, the researchers say is a new milestone in the evolution of mammals 35 million years.

Juramaia sinensis name means' father Jurassic of China. "This fossil skull itself is an incomplete skeleton, partial and other soft tissue such as hair. Juramaia also has a tooth. Paleonantropologi fossil Experts estimate is closer to marsupials marsupial kangaroos, like.

"Understanding the placenta starting point is an important issue in the study of all mammalian evolution," said Zhe-Xi Luo.

When evolutionary change - as the ancestral species is divided into two lineages descended - is one of the most important information that can be owned by a development researcher.

Before the discovery Juramaia, a point of difference is the type of Eutheria metatherians caused difficulties for the historian of evolution. Eutheria suggest DNA testing, you must arrive early in the fossil record - about 160 million years. However, the oldest is Eutheria Eomaia, which lived 125 million years.

Juramaia also show adaptive characteristics that could have helped the newcomers to survive in the Eutheria Jurassic. Juramaia the front leg to raise and be able to adapt to the lifestyle of the Jurassic.

"Differences of marsupial mammals Eutheria ultimately led to the birth of the placenta and reproduction that is essential for the successful evolution of the placentals." Said the doctor. Luo. "But that was their initial adaptation to exploit a place in the tree to open their roads to success of this development."

Monday, 29 August 2011

Resistive or Capacitive Touchscreen?

The appearance of the tablet version of the Sony S1 and S2 is still a rumor. But there's a leaked report that if the tablet is called Sony S2 P. Tablet

Tablet industry today is growing rapidly and the specialization of the products is very high. In addition to the technology developed by the producers of pills is very variable, with the advantages of different, although using the same hardware and software.

Sony is trying to be different, both technological and hardware devices and software on new tables. S2 tablet, or P is an obvious example, but using the Android operating system, which can be the same, but this tablet is a fundamental difference.

One of the most notable differences in the presence of these Tablet P is the existence of two screens with a size of 5.5 inches, respectively, the functions Berber. The first screen works as a keyboard, while the second screen is a netbook.

The development of smart phone technology is very fast at all, especially after the launch of Google's Android operating system Add to competition in the mobile phone operating system with touch-screen capabilities. Mobile phone manufacturers competing to produce a handheld device with touch-screen capabilities. If you decide to buy phones with touch screen or tablet to consider is the technology behind it.

There are two technologies of several technologies that are often used by touch screen or tablet touchscreen smartphones sold in the market, ie, resistive and capacitive. There are some differences that affect the function and the price of the devices using each of these technologies.

Device with a resistive screen is operated with compressed air, as the resistive screen is composed of several layers. You can press with your finger or a pen or pencil tool like Tablet PC. Price resistive screen is cheaper than the capacitive screen. Resistive screen is more accurate than the capacitive screen because the sensor works on the screen is pressed. This type of display is well suited for handwriting recognition. Disadvantages of the resistive screen is not multi touch, drove in two places at once simultaneously.

Device with a capacitive screen, not working with the display of this type are based on the sensor electrode conductors, such as fingers. The screen is still good capacitive seen under the sun. Enough with the touch of light can directly activate the screen. Capacitive screen has no effect if the condition is a dirty screen, and supports multi-touch display. Unfortunately, the price of capacitive screens are more expensive.

The nature and characteristics of these two display technologies affecting the use and affect the price, usually phone / tablet with capacitive screens are more expensive than resistive screens. Some examples of devices with capacitive screens on the market, Apple iPhone, Samsung S Galaxy, HTC and many more incredible. 

While examples of phones that use resistive screen, that is, the Nokia N97, HTC Tattoo, LG Cookie KP500, among others. Be rated good phone if you want to buy, sometimes the same type but a different set of different specifications of the screen, such as tablets Huawei Ideos S7 103 and 105 series, 103 series of 105 screens display series resistive and capacitive.
As quoted from Softpedia, Sunday (08/28/2011), P Tablet Tegra processors will be equipped with two dual-core processor-based SoC (system-on-chip), with up to 4 GB of storage. In addition, consumers will be given additional memory 2GB SD card is attached in these devices are free.

In addition, Sony is linked with a capacity of 512 MB ​​RAM, 0.2 megapixel webcam y. Dual-screen device has a lighter weight between tablets issued by Sony, which is 370 grams.

It is not known how much the price should be the tablet Sony dual-screen output, but something that is filtered by one of the Internet sites (Engadget) Tablet Sony says that if P is scheduled to start in September to be rolled 2011.

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