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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Internet, 'Oil Field' The Hacker.

Millions of Internet pages are hijacked and harming millions of dollars in recent years has made it as an 'oil fields' for hackers, according to an internet security firm.

As quoted by USA Today, Friday (08/12/2011), the action hack into approximately 8 million internet pages of late, has been designed so that users can control the affected computer attacks.

According to internet security firm, Armorize, attacks by such methods that are now thriving.

"Abuse of the current small number of sites have made the Internet a more dangerous place," said Alena Varkocka, lab analysts from the firm of Avast antivirus.

"Even small websites that are not too important to do major damage if misused," he added.

Wayne Huang, Chief Technical Officer at Armorize, said that a small group of criminals using the server in the Ukraine to carry out attacks on several sites with mechanisms 'driveby download'.

"In the driveby downloads, malicious software is inserted into the user's web browser, which has access to a site that has been infected," explained Huang.

Added by Huang, that by being able to control the user's browser, the hacker was able to easily install all the malicious software that can retrieve all user data, whether it's identity, payment, social networking accounts, and others.

Google and Microsoft's own party said they regularly continue to scan sites were detected suspicious activities, and announce the infected pages through a browser Chrome and Internet Explorer. In addition they also provide free guidance and tools for sites to diagnose and clean it.

"But a lot of sites that get infected are not cleaned in time, as the hacker using a variety of ways so that they are not detected malicious software," says Jon Clay, Product Manager at antivirus firm Trend Micro.

See "Anonymous Hacker Attack Syria"

Facebook Challenge Google + with New Features Game.

Just hours after Google announced the presence of gaming + social services,Facebook also released several new features in its gaming service.

Newer features of Facebook was first presented Ticker game that serves as anews feed about the activities of your friends. The column will feature any gamebeing played by your friends, complete with achievement scores and record the highest value.

As reported by Mashable, Friday (08/12/2011), Ticker Game featuresdesigned to allow Facebook users to play games with their friends. Just like the Facebook News Feed, users can also set the update anywhere you want displayed.
 Player social games on Facebook can also enjoy a bookmarkingfeature that allows them to access their favorite games or applications easily and directly from the News Feed.

The addition of these new features is an answer to Google + Facebook recently released 16 games for social gaming platforms, including the Angry Birds and Zynga Poker.

The number of Facebook visitors in Britain Declining.

Although the social network Facebook is still popular in Britain, but the numberof visits fell sharply in July, compared with June.

According to the company Experian Hitwise, Facebook users visit losing market share declined to reach 50.14 percent, the lowest since October 2009.Similarly, the line quoted by CBR, Friday (08/12/2011).

Experian Hitwise says that Facebook has lost market share of visits by usersranging from 53.72 percent to 50.14 percent of all social networks to British territory.

"The dominance of Facebook in the social networking market is not so lowsince October 2009 due to social networking is now only account for 50.46percent of all visits to social networking sites," said Experian Hitwise .

In addition to Experian Hitwise also said YouTube is now a social network that has the fastest growth for five straight months. "YouTube is also the third search engine this month. In addition, of course, eBay and Facebook," he said.

"One of every 35 visits to a site of 'run' of UK Internet users on YouTube. Thevideo site is now estimated at 22.54 percent of all visits to social networking,"he said.

The company said that Google remains the leader in Internet search with a figure of 91.04 percent market share of visitors. While the Microsoft site, Bing,was second with a rate of 3.84 percent for the month of July 2011.

While Yahoo's sites, said by Experian Hitwise has also increased market share of visitors with an estimated 3 percent of all online searches in the UK.

Friday, 12 August 2011

New Moon Found Circling Pluto.

WASHINGTON - Astronomers have discovered the fourth month of the ice dwarf planet, Pluto, said the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

As quoted in The Hindu on Monday (7/25/2011), a new small satellite, which was referred to temporarily as P4, which is found in a study using the Hubble Space Telescope, while in search of rings around Pluto .

P4 was first seen in a photograph taken with the Wide Field Camera of the Hubble telescope. He also announced that the Hubble took these pictures on 3 and 18 July.

Moon called P4 called rocket scientists as minor objects found around Pluto. Considers that the P4 has a diameter of 13 to 34 kilometers. By comparison, Charon, the largest satellite of Pluto property has a diameter of 1043 km. While two moons of Pluto, Nix and Hydra, have a diameter of 32 to 113 kilometers.

"It's very valuable because Hubble telescope's camera is able to show us an object that is up to five million kilometers," said Mark Showalter of the SETI Institute in California, who led the research program.

P4 is located between the orbits of the moon Nix and Hydra, which were also found by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2005.

While Pluto's largest moon, Charon, was first discovered in 1978 in the United States Naval Observatory (USA) and was first observed using the Hubble Space Telescope in 1990 as a separate piece of Pluto.

Study: Results form the Moon Is a Collision

In the first collision of two orbiting the Earth to explain why the current month returns and the texture is slightly different from the two sides, said the scientist.

The study, published in the journal Nature, indicates that the Moon was once accompanied by a smaller satellite. Both were around the Earth about 4 billion years. Similarly, quoted by Reuters on Thursday (08/04/2011).

"But because both the Moon continues to evolve, as well as the influence of the Sun's gravity, making even the stability of both the satellite is unstable, so eventually the collision occurred," says Erik Asphaug, a planetary scientist at the University California.

Described by Asphaug, that after the process 100 million years, eventually crashing into a smaller moon of each month. Collision of two satellites now explains how the moon's surface has two different faces: the thin and thick.

Collision of two months is also known as the contributing factors for the current month and the oval a bit unusual. However, scientists acknowledge that the research would be the Earth is not easy.

Asphaug also said that elements of the collision are still a hot liquid material, until he stood in the cooling process below the surface of the moon.

Scientists Discover Mysterious Black Planet

Scientists say they have discovered a distant planet in black that is darker than coal.

As quoted in The Age, Friday (08/12/2011), the planets discovered by scientists dark reflects only one percent of dikitarinya starlight.

"The planet, called TrES-2b is a gas giant like Jupiter-sized, solid as a rock rather than a planet like Earth or Mars," the astronomers said.

Planet TrES-2b orbits the star GSC 03549-02811, about 750 light-years away in the constellation Draco, the Dragon.

"TrES-2b has a darker color of acrylic paint, so the planet is a very mysterious world," said David Kipping, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Mysterious black planet itself was first seen by scientists around five years ago.

The distance between the TrES-2b orbits the star is 5 million kilometers. But why the planet is very little reflected light from the sun? Taking into account the distance between Earth and the sun even more, which is approximately 150 million kilometers.

So it was very close to the star, scientists have predicted that the temperature of the planet TrES-2b is about 1,000 degrees Celsius.

"It is unclear what makes this planet is so dark," says David Spiegel of the University of Princeton.

The study, published in the journal Monthly Notices of the use of unmanned aircraft NASA's Kepler.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Mars Rover Anatomy

A Mars rover is an automatic motor vehicle which is driven across the surface of Mars after landing.
Rovers have several advantages over fixed probes: they examine more territory, which can lead to interesting features that can be placed in positions of sunshine for the months of winter weather and can advance the knowledge of how to carry out control rover remote.

There have been three rovers on Mars successfully, all of which were operated robot. 

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory managed the Mars Pathfinder mission, with its Sojourner and currently manages the Mars Exploration Rover, with its two rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, the NASA Office of Space Science, Washington, DC. (There have also been two successful Mars rovers are not: in the 1970 Soviet Lunokhod sent two vehicles to the moon.

Mars Rover Reaches an Ancient Crater.

3 years of trundling through the treacherous dunes brought the NASA rover Opportunity to its target more importantly - a huge crater called Endeavour was once soaked with water and could give clues to whether life once existed on Mars.

Orbital observations indicate the rocks at the edge of Endeavour are more than 3.5 million years and date from the first phase rainiest in the history of Mars, where water carved channels draining large throughout the planet. So far, neither opportunity nor the now-defunct sister Spirit (see "Vehicles at a glance") considered the rocks that clearly date from this period.

"This is potentially the most exciting scientific opportunity of the rover mission yet," said John Callas, director of mission at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. That's because the orbit mineralogical studies suggest that these ancient rocks formed in an environment hospitable to life.

The rovers have studied the rocks that once immersed in acidic water, salt (see "Blueberry bonanza"). Endeavour 20 kilometers, in contrast, seems to have harbored water friendly to life, because the crater contains clay minerals that require a relatively neutral pH to form. What's more, the orbital measurements do not indicate that the water was salty old - even salt water may be flowing on Mars (see "Water Flow").

Opportunity's arrival at Endeavour marks a major milestone for the mission. The goal seems "incredibly courageous" when it began to go there, says James Wray of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.

The robot was designed only to last three months in 2008, when he left a small crater called Victoria, who had been on Mars more than four years (see the route here). "I won a wife, lost a grandfather and moved twice [since then]," says Wray. "From that perspective, it feels like a lot of time has passed."

The robot could reveal how the water in the Endeavour carried. If the rock is inscribed with the waves, which suggests that standing water on the surface, while if the points thread rocks with streaks of clay minerals, which aim to seepage of groundwater, says Wray.

Opportunity to enter Victoria Crater, but it is likely to spend all their time on the Endeavour on the edge. Interior Endeavour is less attractive due to sediment from a later period, the drier the history of Mars has buried the older rocks there.

If you are still working a few years from now, the rover could set off another, smaller crater called Iazu with rocks that are so old. "But smolyan saint, which is about 15 miles away," as far as the walk of three years for Endeavour, said Ray Arvidson of Washington University in St Louis, Missouri. 

He is content to see the opportunity to live the rest of their days examining the rocks and catch amazing views at the edge of Endeavour. "That's a spectacular way to end the mission," he says.

See "Anatomy Mars Rover

Blueberry bonanza

Blueberry bonanza

Almost immediately after it landed in 2004 in a region of Mars called Meridiani Planum, Opportunity made ​​a discovery watershed: the rocks at its landing site was formed in ancient lakes.

The test came in part from small "blueberries"  made of hematite, which almost always forms in water. 

The curved lines of sediment said sweeping motion of a stream, while the sulfate salts and the mineral jarosite, which forms in dilute sulfuric acid on Earth, suggests that the water was salty and acidic.

European Telescope Detection of Oxygen in Space

If the previous Scientists has found the Largest Water Clouds in the Universe, now Hubble European Space Agency's Herschel has found the first evidence regarding the confirmation of the presence of molecular oxygen in space, according to a report published this week in the journal Astrophysics.

The road has always eluded astronomers are the stars of the constellation Orion.

"Oxygen gas discovered in the 1770s, but it took more than 230 years to finally say with certainty that these simple molecules exist in space," says Paul Goldsmith, Herschel Project Scientist in the laboratory of the agency NASA in California.

Astronomers say that the oxygen in the ice covering the surface of small dust grains, releasing water and oxygen when heated.

"This explains a little oxygen can hide," said Goldsmith.

"But I found it in large quantities, and still do not understand what is so special that we found it. The universe still hold many secrets."

NASA offers several technologies to support scientific instruments Herschel Telescope, launched in 2009.

Enceladus is Raining on Saturn

Fourteen years ago, astronomers study Saturn through the ESA, becoming the protagonist Infrared Space Observatory discovered a mysterious source of gaseous water in Saturn's upper atmosphere to become the protagonist. Now, ESA's Herschel observatory has become the protagonist discovered exactly where the water is coming from Saturn, Enceladus became player who throws water on its host planet via huge jets of water emanating from its south polar region.

That makes Enceladus only in our solar system to actively influence the chemistry of its mother planet, defining a new relationship between the host planet and satellite.

Enceladus is a machine for real water jet, about 550 pounds of water vapor into space every second. Some of this falls on the Moon itself. Much is lost in space or freezes in Saturn's rings brand. But it happens that between three and five percent fall into a huge donut-shaped torus around Saturn - another kind of ring or ring the already rich world.

Perhaps more importantly, it shows how the moon can influence the chemical composition of its parent planet, raising some interesting possibilities in the area of ​​the formation of the planets in our solar system and elsewhere in the universe. 

After all, the small amount of water vapor that turns into Saturn's upper atmosphere generates protagonist becoming other details related to the oxygen compounds such as carbon dioxide. Could a volcanically active moon potentially the seed of a rocky planet habitable parents and with the right ingredients for life? She became the protagonist's fun to think, anyway.

Beautiful Moon From Space

The moon is only known natural satellite of Earth, the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System. It is the largest natural satellite of a planet in the solar system in relation to the size of their principal, with a quarter the diameter of the Earth and 1 / 81 of its mass. 

Moon can also be very beautiful, here are photos of the moon taken from space.

What Different Asteroids, Comets, Meteoroid ?


According to Close to NASA Earth Object Program, Asteroids are rocky objects whose size is relatively small, inactive, and is in orbit around the sun.
Comets, is also relatively small, but sometimes it is an active object to vaporize the ice that had when exposed to sunlight and how the atmosphere (coma), which is composed of dust and gas. Sometimes, because the comet is moving fast enough, he formed a tail consisting of dust or gas.

Meteoroid itself is a tiny particle that escapes from comets or asteroids. Of the three, the asteroid is the most interesting objects to be studied by scientists.

As is known, until now, scientists still can not fully understand how early life is composed of organic substances which are not live, grow and evolve on Earth. By studying the asteroids, we can obtain more information.

 Reported by Fox News, June 30, 2011, the asteroids 2 Pallas and Hygiea 10, which is thought to have had water, which seems to have organic compounds (carbon-based) in it.

"Today, the asteroid has a chemical composition that is more primitive than that of Earth. Their position is similar to when our solar system was formed recently," said Carol Raymond, deputy principal investigator of NASA. "By studying, we can discover how life could arise on the planet," he said.

Raymond mentioned, there are some conditions that make Earth a very favorable environment for life in the past. "In addition, scientists argue that asteroid that fell to Earth in antiquity has provided material that helped initiate the formation of life on this planet," he said.

Comet Sungrazer Hit The Sun

A comet that has not had time to be appointed to crash into the Sun July 5, 2011 Last. From the study, the comet ice is expected.

According to the researchers, most sungrazer comet (the comet that moves very close to the sun) and is believed to originate from fragments of a giant comet that destroyed several centuries ago.

For information sungrazer comet, which is usually made ​​of dust, rocks and ice, are rarely detected when they are close to the sun because they are covered by the bright solar disk or a disk of light surrounding the sun.

The comets that survived the heat of the sun's corona is lost in the chromosphere, which radiates heat up to 100 thousand degrees Kelvin, Celsius or approximately 99726.85.

Watch Video

Video : Ice Comet Hit the Sun.

A comet that has not had time to be appointed to crash into the Sun July 5, 2011LastFrom the study, the comet ice is expected.

NASA Rocket Arrives at Jupiter in 2016

Juno, the NASA spacecraft began its journey to Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. If nothing gets in the way the unmanned aircraft will arrive at Jupiter in July 2016.

Upon arrival, Juno will study the giant planet in orbit within a year of planet Earth. The mission will help scientists better understand how and when Jupiter was born. This information can discover how the process of planet formation and evolution of our solar system.

"We will also study Jupiter's material form," said Scott Bolton, Juno principal investigator of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, USA, as quoted on page, August 7, 2011. "We're trying to understand the structure in it, and how terbentu. This will help us figure out what happened in the past that makes us all to be," he said.

Until now, researchers suspect that since the beginning, Jupiter is a planet that greedy. She swallowed most of the gas and dust in the solar system after the Sun formed.

As a result, Jupiter was the king of the planets of the solar system. He mastered twice the mass of what existed in the solar system if the merged company (except Sun) However, little is known by scientists around the giant planet.

For example, researchers could not confirm if the planet has a solid core of heavy elements, or is made of gas. And certainly, it is also clear how and where Jupiter formed.

The Juno mission of USD 1.1 billion were designed to investigate this and other mysteries. After taking place in the planet's elliptical orbit within five years, the Juno spacecraft will study the atmosphere and the composition of Jupiter, but also mapped the magnetic field and gravity.
Water Research
Juno will also measure the water content in a dense atmosphere of Jupiter that rotate to learn more about the birth of the planet. As we know, Jupiter is wet enough to indicate that the planets formed from the Sun and then migrated to the current position after its founding.

"We will use the detectors gelombangmikro and flew just above Jupiter's clouds and look down on clouds of different thicknesses to measure the amount of water," said Fran Bagenal, Juno co-researcher at the University of Colorado.
"Like a CT scan, but thick clouds of Jupiter," Bagenal said.

New Energy Surpasses Use of Nuclear energy.

CALIFORNIA - United States (USA) first established the use of new energy generated in the U.S. can omit the use of nuclear energy.

According to the U.S. information Power Management (USEIA) during the first quarter of this year, new energy sources (biofuels, geothermal, solar thermal water and air) provided 2.245 trillion BTUs (British thermal unit, the unit of energy used in the U.S. . UU.), or 11.73 percent of the energy produced in the U.S..

More information related to the production of energy produced by a variety of renewable energy in 2011 is 5.65 percent greater than the use of nuclear weapons. By providing 2125000000000 BTU and remained almost unchanged in recent years. The energy generated by renewable sources now account for 77.15 percent of domestic oil production. Similarly, quoted by TG Daily, Thursday (11/08/2011).

Trends in recent years by increased energy consumption is driven by new biofuel peningkata and the addition of wind capacity.

USEIA added from 2005 to 2009, growth in the use of wind energy on average 40 percent. While in 2006, up 36 percent of the total additional capacity of the electric power industry has been the use of wind generators.

The existence of economic and regulatory uncertainties, the two pledged to reduce the addition of wind capacity in 2010. In the context of research, renewable energy consumption is defined as beyond the generation of hydropower, wind, solar thermal and geothermal.

One of the new sources of energy that is useful to support the activities of transport biofuels (like ethanol and biodiesel) and biomass (like wood and wood waste) is useful for space flight, while production industrial water vapor can also be a power that came as a renewable resource. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Theories Men In Black

Theories Men In Black

Of the many theories developed regarding the identity of the Men In Black, there are at least four theories are most often referred to, namely:

1. Alien

Some ufolog believe that the MIB is actually an alien, or at least android (human robot) is controlled directly by the aliens. They were sent to earth to help maintain the confidentiality of alien activity on Earth.

This theory is strengthened by the fact that in several occasions MIB look awkward and unfamiliar with the norms that usually done by humans, such as jokes or idioms of everyday life.

Then the MIB are called to speak with the notes that as stiff as arranged. There is even a witness who said that three men who visited him MIB have similar faces.

2. Visits Devil

Amazingly, this is precisely the mystical theory proposed by researchers like John Keel UFO themselves. He said there are similarities between the story of the visit reports MIB encounter with the devil in the past.

Keel stated the possibility that the MIB is a modern manifestation of the devil sightings in the past. Peter Rojcewicz, an expert on the stories of people agree with this opinion.

For those who believe in this theory, of course, they also have to believe that the whole UFO activity is the activity of the devil.

3. Government agencies, military or CIA

Regarding MIB, a writer named Bill Moore said that this MIB is actually a government agent who comes from the air force intelligence unit called the United States Air Force Special Activities Center (AFSAC). The headquarters unit is believed to be in Belfour, Virginia.

But Moore said that it was inspired by reports AFSAC MIB in the 1950s so that they can not be associated with the MIB before that year's visit.

The theory that the MIB is a government entity, whether AFSAC or not, it seems also confirmed by several clues.

For example in 1953, the CIA set up Robertson panel whose purpose was to investigate the UFO phenomenon, especially in the Washington area. And one of the methods is spying on independent UFO researchers. Shortly afterwards, reports emerged MIB visit.

One more thing that makes this theory plausible is some U.S. government agencies like the FBI require that employees use the black suit of duty.

Although the above three theories seem to have a fairly reasonable argument, but there is a huge question still hangs. Why only a handful of witnesses of UFO sightings that received a visit MIB? What about the other witnesses?

4. Hoax

In an article titled "Gray Barker: My Friend, the Myth-Maker", John C. Sherwood said that when he was 18 years old, he agreed to cooperate with Gray Barker to create a hoax about the "blackmen", ie the three occupants are killed ufo "Dr.Richard Pratt", played by Sherwood himself.

Sherwood writing seems to be confirmed by other researchers like John Keel ufo which discovered many irregularities on the story of Gray Barker. If Barker completely fabricate a story about Men In Black, then certainly the whole legend of the MIB is a hoax.

Men In Black - Conclusion

If you try to find the story of an encounter on the Men In Black in google, then you would have trouble because it always brought to the site Men In Black movie. Acts of Men In Black seems indeed very difficult to confirm.

Therefore, chances are the story of Men In Black is just a fantasy written by Barker and Bender. The books are written by the two men are very popular in those days so people tend to be paranoid.

If the MIB is actually a secret government agency or an alien who tried to hide UFO activity, then back again to the question above, why only a handful of witnesses who get a visit among the thousands of other UFO sightings?

Mystery Men In Black, Who Are They Actually?

Since about 50 years ago, witnesses claimed UFO sightings visited by mysterious men in black who asked them not to tell their experiences. These mysterious men called the Men In Black.

History of Men In Black

Acts of Men In Black came to the surface through a book published in 1956 titled "They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers" by Gray Barker.

Barker is a resident of Braxton county which later became interested in the UFO phenomenon and began to collect information relating to ufo.

Then the story of Men In Black re-popularized by Albert Bender in 1962 through a book titled "Flying Saucers and the three men". Bender is a friend of Gray Barker who is also manager of the magazine Fate Magazine.

27 years later, Barker returned to write the story of the Men In Black through a book called "MIB: The Secret Terror Among Us" published in 1983. Both men are regarded as the person most responsible for the spread of the legend of Men In Black.

Description Men In Black

In the books published by Barker and Bender, Men In Black or popularly known as MIB is described as a man dressed in black who always visited the witnesses of UFO sightings and threatened them to keep quiet about their experiences. They also generally use sunglasses and big cars are also black.

MIB also said to have unusual facial features. They seem to have detailed information about the witnesses of UFO encounters, as if they had been stalking the witnesses quite a while.

Sometimes these mysterious men claiming to be from government agencies that are collecting information about an unexplained phenomenon. They also often convince the witnesses who visited that strange object being viewed is not really there or just a hallucination.

History encounter Men In Black

The first encounter with the Men in Black are known to occur in 1947. At that time, a harbor officer named Harold A. Dahl witnessed a UFO over the waters of Puget Sound, Washington.

Then a fraction of a UFO crashed into his ship and killed Dahl's dog. Some time after that encounter, a man dressed in black visited the Dahl and forced him to not discuss it with anyone sightings.

Then, in 1953, Albert Bender was jealous actively doing research on the UFO mystery claimed that three men visited her and warned her not to continue his research.

Bender is the story that later became the basis of Gray Barker's book "They Knew Too Much about Flying Saucers."

In subsequent years, there are still several more reports that seem to be somewhat difficult to confirm its validity. But at that time the story of Men In Black has become very popular.

Alien Life In Deep Blue Sea.

The Russian government officially released the military secret documents about UFOs follow some other countries in the world. In its report, the Russian military said that a UFO or alien creatures unknown was often found in the waters. Some reports mention the existence of the event encounters with creatures unknown in some mysterious lake in the former Soviet region.

In fact, long before the Russian government released a document secret, there have been several reports of various witnesses who indicate an unknown creature in the lakes in former Soviet territory. The earliest reports came in the early 1900s.
At that time a group of young men were diving in a lake in Georgia where they found an underwater cave filled with human skeletons. Strangely, each frame has an height of about three meters. Similar findings have also occurred disebuah named Issik Kul lake located in the northern Tian Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan, Russia is still around.

When hearing the name Issik kul, we may soon be pictured with a mysterious place from the episode of Lord of the ring. But contrary to its name that seemed haunted, kul Issik real sense of the word is the water warm?. This name is given considering the unique characteristics of her. Although he is surrounded by snowy hills, the lake is never frozen.

In the 1930s, a man with some of his friends were exploring the caves around the lake Issik Kul. In one cave they discovered three human skeletons, each three meters high. The strange thing of this framework is not just his height, but also found equipment bat-shaped wings of silver to be used by each frame.

Elsewhere, in the early 1990s, a man named D Povaliyayev're doing sports in the city of Hang Gliding Kavgolov, Leningrad. The city has several lakes. And he was on top of one of them. When he was floating above the lake, he saw the object such as three giant fish was swimming in the lake.
She lowered altitude and can finally see clearly that these three objects were three swimmers with amazing body size and wearing a silver dress. The story is then also told in his book entitled "Letuchi Golladets" or "Flying Dutchman" which was published in 1995.

This is where it seems the testimonies of the witnesses received a confirmation from the Russian government. Military reports released to tell a similar incident in lake Baikal. As is known, Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and is considered one of the world's most mysterious lake.

Tourists are often seen flying objects and strange light over the lake. According to document the Russian navy, one day in 1982, the Russian navy is conducting routine training dives in Baikal.

At the time of exercise performed, the Russian divers saw a strange object that was swimming in a lake at a depth of 50 meters. The objects turned out to ten swimmers dressed in silver. And outstanding, each swimmer has a height of about three feet and not visible to use any diving equipment.

Horrified by the situation, naval commander immediately ordered to capture at least one of these mysterious diver. Seven Russian divers immediately ordered to jump. In this effort, the divers went into the incredible level of depth. But suddenly there was an unseen force pushing the Russian divers returned to the surface.

According to safety procedures, divers emerging from the depths should immediately go into decompression chamber to adjust the air pressure in their bodies. Three Russian divers died late in the decompression.

Until now, the identity of the giants is still a big question. Are they aliens who built a secret base in the bottom of lakes ex-Soviet? Interestingly, the Kyrgyz nation has a legend that tells of a town of the lake led by a king named Ossounes. Whether this legend is based on a true story? Maybe we'll never know. Former US Army Dig Mystery UFO

The Real Lightning

The first time images of lightning has been captured by the camera X-Ray? 1500 Special High-speed was created by Meagan Schaal at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida.

Recently during storm events at Camp Blanding, Fla., an electronic camera shutter "record" lightning traveling down the screws artificial triggered by the rocket and wire and flowing into the earth at one-sixth the speed of light.

7 Coffee Machine With most unique design.

For hundreds of years, making the process seem simple cup of coffee. During that period, while the basic taste of brewage remains almost the same, but the way that can be prepared easily have gone from easy. Check out some of the most amazing coffee makers that are sure to enhance your brewing experience.

Mypressi Twist

Mypressi has introduced the first espresso machine in the world of portable. Called the "Twist," is a stylish coffee machine portable, lightweight and easy to use, while promising an extraordinary coffee experience on the trip.

Espresso Waker

Lee Espresso Waker is designed to help you open your eyes with the smell of the espresso cup of tea. Requiring servants to walk in your room with a cup of hot coffee to say good morning?

Coffee Mixer

Figure inspiration from the structure of shells, Iran Behzad Hormoz designers have created a unique yet sophisticated coffee mixer that seems to enrich your experience of brewing. Wrapping a kettle made of Pyrex, borosilicate glass with low expansion coefficient is used for heat-resistant glass in cooking and chemistry, the structure is finished in plastic balls, coffee beer company integrates a rechargeable battery, so it can be used during the trip with family or friends

IMO Coffee maker

Get a good cup of brewed coffee itself is not a big problem with the IMO sophisticated coffee maker. It has been designed to enrich the user with a unique experience making coffee.

Presovar by Martin Necas


Created by Czech designer Martin Necas, Presovar is the next generation of designer coffee maker that not only done to the tee but also add instructions for the glamorous with the kitchen space. Graphic design features the silhouette of irregular directly lend it an identity as a work of art.

Coffee Machine


Designed by Kamil Kurka, a graduate of the University of West Bohemia, Institute of Art and Design, as one half of the project during the course of Industrial Design, the "Coffee Machine" is a futuristic coffee maker other than brewing a perfect Cupp 'copy o' help improve your kitchen decor.

Podi coffee maker


Designed by Vinod Gangotra for Selec Line (Asia), which "podi" is the single serve coffee maker for use with Italian rigid capsules made available in six different scents, allowing a large variety of users. Set to be launched next month in Europe, single-serve coffee machine also includes a 1.0 liter water tank, pressure 17 bar and automatic capsule ejecting system.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Unfolding mystery of the UFO Belgium 1990

In 1989 and 1990 is the year of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) in Belgium. At that time, a number of strange flying objects sightings were reported. On 29 November 1989, for example, a triangular UFO with bright lights underneath it reported a number of witnesses, including three police groups.

UFO reports were reinforced by some evidence of photographs and recordings. The best photo ever taken is a picture of a triangular UFO photographed in April 1990 an anonymous person. In the photograph depicted a triangular object with lights at each corner, one other light in the middle. Some people claim, it is important evidence of the existence of UFOs, others do not believe it and consider it as a hoax (hoax).

But nonetheless, the existence of the photograph keep scientists busy researching, what was it. No exception scientists leading the U.S. space agency (NASA). They are confused.

The photo was probably going to continue to be a mystery until now - after 21 years. Someone men admitted on RTL-TVI network. That he is the person responsible behind the incident was horrendous picture. And that UFOs are visible in the photo is a hoax.

He explains things in photographs made of polystyrene or similar foam that assembled in just a matter of hours. Then photographed at night.

The man, identified as Patrick was admitted, the prank he did at age 18. Together with some friends, he painted cork that had been strung, hung, and photographed. The work of idle they become the sharpest photograph owned scientists.

A few days after the photo was released, a Belgian Air Force plane was ordered to hunt UFOs across the country. But, no results. Some Belgian citizens believe in what they think the UFO is a new stealth aircraft being tested NATO.

"It's easy to fool people, even by way of capital and cheap," Patrick said, then added he argues, is the perfect time to uncover the secret. (Straits Times)

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