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Friday, 5 August 2011

NASA Calin Find Water Flow On Mars

WASHINGTON - Through one of the planes outside the spaceship, NASA claimed to have found signs that indicated the existence of water flow on the surface of Mars.

If the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's findings were proven true, this is the first time that NASA find water flow is active at the red planet's surface. Similarly, as reported by the Straits Times on Friday (05/08/2011).

"We have several times found evidence indicating the flow of water on Mars," said Dr. Michael Meyer as head of television programs through NASA's Mars Exploration.

According to NASA, the aircraft is orbiting around Mars since 2006 it has been several times to find signs of water flow that appears at certain moments, namely in the Martian spring and summer.

Based on images taken by NASA, there is a sign resembling a human hand fingers spread over several steep slopes. However, these signs disappeared when the temperature of the planet became cooler.

Experts NASA apparently still not sure whether they really found the flow of water on Mars, but so far there has never been water found there.

"So far, the best explanation we can give to these observations is the flow of salty water (on Mars). But this study can not prove it," said Dr. Alfred McEwen of the Lunar and Planet Laboratory of the University of Arizona.

"Now this discovery is still a mystery, but this mystery could be solved by further observation and testing," he concluded.


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