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Friday, 5 August 2011

You remember the cave that houses a crystal in his films Superman? When looking for tin, two miners found the white beams of gypsum is very impressive from a cave that is hundreds of thousands of years old, under the Naica, Mexico.

Quoted from Metro, July 29, 2011, the caves were formed crystals which can grow up to 11 meters. It is not yet known why the crystals inside the caves were formed in an irregular position.

"These crystals are one of the wonders of the world," said Ruiz Juanma Garcia, a geologist at the Instituto Andaluz de Las Ciencias de la Tierra, Spain, who studied conditions in the mine. "This cave is very unusual, unfortunately many people in Mexico who do not understand the importance of keeping this site as long as possible," he said.

Blocks of crystals were formed at a depth of 290 meters below the ground surface. According to the researchers, they are formed when water is heated to very high temperatures start to cool and mixed with gypsum. Over time, crystals then formed due to the water.

According to investigators, one of the problems that complicate the research done on this cave is the heat coming from the nearest water source. Temperature is very hot so it is not possible to make humans live longer than 10 minutes at a time in the region.

However, Ruiz said, it does not mean the site should be ignored. "Crystals that there should be better preserved. Naica very unique and the opportunity to find a similar site on the planet is very small, "he said.

Unfortunately, until 10 years after the first discovered, the country's government has not been pinned on the status of world heritage sites to protect the unique phenomenon is to be preserved for future generations


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