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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Ebike,The First Wireless Bicycle.

A company called Daymark create a bike without a brake wire and wire pngganti gear. Instead, emua activities controlled braking and replacement of teeth by using a wireless 2.4 Ghz!

Although the save function is crucial, the cable is often a barrier in motion we use a tool. Its presence can also reduce the appearance of beauty tools. Eg brake cables, gears, electric motors and cables are wrapped on the outside of the framework of an electric bicycle. Some manufacturers have hidden the cables inside the bike frame, but by Daymak Inc.. much more interesting.

Electric bicycle manufacturer based in the city of Toronto claims to have created the first wireless electric bikes in the world. Electric bicycle named Shadow Ebike does not have the gear and brake cables, wires and even electric motors nothing is visible outside the framework of a bicycle. Bicycle pedals and speed are all controlled wirelessly via the system Daymak Drive. To minimize disruption, Inc. Daymak. uses frequency-hopping technology ISM 2.4 GHz spread spectrum wireless.

All electric wiring, electric motor, lithium polymer batteries, and system Daymak Ebike Shadow Drive bike hidden in the front wheel which is covered by the framework of a special design. When users put the brakes on a bike in the system will send electricity back to the battery. One thing more interesting, this bike is also equipped with a USB port that can be used to recharge the battery of mobile device users.

Ebike Shadow is available in two electric motors, 250W or 350W, with lithium-ion battery voltage 36V 10Ah. These batteries can generate electricity to run about 25 to 40 kilometers, depending on the combination use of motor and pedal bikes. Charging the rechargeable battery Ebike Shadow takes about 5 hours. Daymak sell wireless electric bike is priced at USD 1.999

Street Lights Powered Propeller Bamboo.

You may never know the wind can be quite beautiful when seen, but if the power is turn on street lights that were so beautiful. It was a real natural beauty combined with the natural beauty of the decorative, so why the forces of nature are not put to good use? but whatever it is they are still made by human hands.

In addition, however, the light will be increasingly mempercatik natural beauty, Igendesign propeller design bring this beautiful bamboo, shows a light graffiti show. with materials that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable, as you see these lights on a beach inspired country Colombia.

An Australian site promises an intimate relationship 'success' or money back. According to the site's founder, life is too short, then the associated intimlah. site founder Noel Biderman who founded the site in 2001 was recently launched 'definitely a money-back guarantee'. According Dailymail, the site had eight million members worldwide who choose affair.

Biderman said the affair like a wedding, should be nurtured. "If you want to find the right level of success, the level of commitment required. If this is not berhasili, we refund your money, "he said.

Users need not worry about anything. The reason is, this site will delete the communication that occurs among members. Users can also conceal his true identity. Biderman claims, if his wife cheating, he will be destroyed.

"I am loyal. My wife had a physical and emotional needs that I should meet. If not, he'll cheat and I will be devastated if it does happen, "he said. Biderman site has angered a group of families in Australia.
Peter Stokes of the Family Council of Victoria said, "This site makes the relationship declining value."

Digital Guitar Without Strings

Digital Mass Kitara is stringless guitar that gives you a multitouch display sensational than pressing a button to modify the aural output of the digital inputs. It is also an onboard synthesizer. You can also connect it to your audio equipment for experimental purposes ...
price $ 849

12 High-Tech Concept 3D Printer Future

It's the 21st century - But Why is the printer is still so big, ugly and wasteful? And here are some concepts for future printers that will change our lives

Self-Replicating 3D Printer

 RepRap can produce complex three-dimensional objects ... including copies of itself. Proverbial your home office will become a mini factory with just downloading the plan and then bar the plastic molding into various household items.

Printer Food Maker?

 Given that some printers can replicate, could also imagine a 3D printer that can cook and assemble food by pressing a button. Some food concepts envision futuristic gadgets printer loaded with ingredients that can be whipped up practically anything imaginable, though probably would not taste like the food we enjoy today.

Mini Giant: Crawling Robotic Large-Scale Printer

Ingin mencetak benar-benar sesuatu, kapan saja, di mana saja? Kombinasi kertas ZINK, yang memiliki kristal pewarna berwarna tertanam di dalamnya, dan "Mini Giant" printer dapat menghasilkan sepraktis mungkin - bahkan skala besar seperti poster. Mini Giant mendorong sendiri di selembar kertas ZINK untuk mencetak menggunakan teknologi berbasis panas . 

Pencil Printer II

Availability of erasers separately in the first design of the same waste time in this reworking. Therefore, Hoyoung Lee, Jeong Jin-young Seunghwa & Yoon, making the printer is much more complete and efficient. Sure, remove by hand is going to more work, but you can do a more thorough job for yourself 

Pencil Printer I


The problem with the printer? if you make a mistake, there is no way to remove them. You have to start all over again, throwing a piece of paper and ink. So why not use graphite instead? This printer is a creative concept designed by Hoyoung Lee to do that, using the old pencil nubs which are usually discarded and are also available eraser to remove them.

Printer With Colored Pens

No one likes to buy printer cartridges right? Moreover, too often runs out? innovation this printer uses who drops out of the pen. Thus, the cartridge in use in this concept using a pen that would be available if you run out a lot.

PrePeat Rewritable Printer Without Inks.

PrePeat use all the concepts above and one step ahead. This eco-friendlyprinter uses special paper made from PET plastic which reportedly can be used up to 1,000 times. The printer, which does not use ink or toner, automatically clean sheets to use and reprint. That's a cool idea, but definitely affordable costto the current $ 5,600.

 Printer With Tea Dregs.

Coffee and tea are loaded with pigment and often used as a dye, so it makes sense to use them as a dye (ink) naturally. This printer will allow users to put coffee grounds or tea into the printer, making it more efficient

Printer Road

If the printer can make a design on paper, why not change until the road surface?workers can get more done by using solar-powered printers Road do most ofthe work with pre-programmed templates and jet-spray paint cartridge that moves from side to side between the wheels.

 Scan-and-Draw Pen Creates Customized Ink

A printer, scanner, and a pen in one? This allows the pen to write with the same color of the object taken with the scanning and reproducing the RGB color of the ink cartridges. This design has limitations, given the small size of the ink cartridge, but the dream to make this equipment may quickly answered.

StickPop Printer is Ultra-Portable

Remember the days when we all terparangkap at a computer desk or talking on the phone? Portable gadgets will in ways we never thought possible a decade or two ago. StickPop concept is battery operated printer, printing via the USB cable is small enough to fit in your laptop bag.

Printer Toaster

This is the concept of a printer like a toaster. Whereby when the bread through the printer it will be directly burnt toast form.

Strange Toilet ( Full Pics )

Strange Toilet
increasingly weird objects that are man-made.

Traps Mice With Modern Technology!

there are new rat trap by using the latest technology
may be suitable in use for the crotchety mice
devastating attack force, reached 120 pounds!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Dinosaur Over Manhattan

Dinosaurs (from Greek: δεινός terrible or potent, and σαύρα lizard) are a diverse group of animals that were the dominant terrestrial vertebratesfor over 160 million years, from the late Triassic period (about 230 million years ago) until the end of the Cretaceous (about 65 million years ago), when the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event led to the extinction of most dinosaur species at the close of the Mesozoic era.

Thefossil record indicates that birds evolved within theropod dinosaurs during the Jurassic period. Some of them survived the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, including the ancestors of all modern birds. Consequently, in modern classification systems, birds are considered a type of dinosaur—the only group of which that has survived to the present day. ( Wikipedia )

CRH380A Train, China Train Passenger The Fastest Train

A Chinese passenger train broke the world speed record after driving at speeds over 300 miles per hour.

Speed ​​record was set for trial in the path that has not been opened between Beijing and Shanghai, according to Xinhua News Agency.

Achieve 302 miles per hour (486 kph) were recorded the fastest speed train by train without any modification of conventional commercial.
He reached a top speed on a segment of the path along the 1318 kilometers (824 miles) between the City of Zaozhuang in Shandong Province and Bengbu City in Anhui Province, Xinhua said.

A new world record was achieved during testing for the train called CRH380A, just months after a train broke the record of the same model after reaching a top speed of 416.6 kilometers per hour.

However, although recorded two records since September, the Chinese railway officials said they want to reach speeds of over 312mph (500kpm)

The new lane will be opened in 2012 and will make the travel time between the capital city of Beijing and Shanghai to live half the current travel time to five hours

This project cost U.S. $ 32.5 billion and is part of a massive government effort to link many Chinese cities with high-speed rail and also reduces the density of population on a track that is widely used.

However, although the speed was impressive, another type of train has been clocked faster.

A French TGV train specially modified reached 357.2 mph (574.8 kph) during tests in 2007, while the Japanese magnetic train speeding 361 mph (581 kph) in 2003.

The importance of time in the field of economy makes the importance of transportation to minimize the fastest such time.

Peraves Monotracer, the most unique and secure motor in the world

Peraves MonoTracer gasoline-fueled version of the previous battery-powered E-Tracer (now called MonoTracer E), is the winner of the Progressive Automotive X-Prize in Class-Tandem Alternative.

Although the fuel MonoTracer gasoline, motor is only spent 1 liter for every 30 miles and still carry the Go Green as one of its primary mission. In order for this MonoTracer be parked in your garage, required funding of $ 75,000.

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