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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Nasa Back To Moon

NASA officially announced that it would return the earth to the moon in his latestprogram, called Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL). This missionwill be launched on 8 September.

The launch of NASA's return to the moon will take place in the near future, precisely, September 8, 2011. The rocket will be launched from CapeCanaveral in Florida.

Grail is a spaceship that has a double inside. This mission is the task for ninemonths in order to explore the natural satellite of Earth in detail. This is unprecedented.

The two sister ships will determine the interior structure of the moon from crust to core months, so it should be changed human understanding of the thermal evolution of the moon.

As quoted in the Indian spacecraft, Friday (26/08/2011), dual, ie, GRAIL A and B, will fly a longer route to orbit the moon within 3.5 months.

GRAIL A will cover an area about the moon, with an area of 2.6 million miles (4.2 million miles), while 2.7 million miles (4.3 million miles) others will beexplored by GRAIL B.

"GRAIL discover the mysteries of the Moon's formation and also helps us to understand how the moon, Earth and other rocky planets could evolve," saidMaria Zuber, principal investigator of the Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGrail.

GRAIL launch period will begin on September 8 and is expected to return onOctober 19, 2012.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Stars temperatures as warm as the Human Body

Scientists have discovered a star of 'cold' in the universe, where the temperature can be as hot as the human body.

As quoted from Softpedia, Thursday (08/25/2011), astronomers are studying the data collected by NASA telescope's Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE), which found a number of types of the coldest star the universe. Space objects is estimated that the same temperature as the body temperature.

There are several types of cool stars in the universe, including stars, Little Brown. These things are so cold its temperature compared to normal stars, with temperatures of a few hundred degrees Celsius only.

Some of these celestial objects referred to as "failed stars", which means they are formed from hydrogen gas that do not develop naturally with success. The failure of the nuclear fusion process that makes the formation of stars are of low temperature.

In these studies, the new objects is known as a small star of Y. Astronomers have been searching for objects for years.

Through WISE, scientists were able to find six small stars, all within 40 light years from the sun.

This research leaders are members of the team WISE, Michael Cushing, based at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. JPL team set WISE mission for U.S. space agency (USA), Scinece Mission Directorate, which is also based on the NASA headquarters in Washington.

Eternal Thunderstorms Throughout The Year

An unsolved mystery of lightning occurred in Venezuela. A total of 40 000 flashes pierce the sky for 9 hours to 300 nights a year. For local residents, this is known as "Lightning Catatumbo" or "Lightning Catatumbo."

The natives of northwestern Venezuela has witnessed the phenomenon of "ribs" or "river of fire in the sky" has been for centuries. "I saw the first ray when he was eight years old," said Erik Quiroga, a native of the area, quoted by ABC News, August 23, 2011.

According to Alan Highton, a tour guide, this phenomenon is not found elsewhere in the world.

But something strange happened last year. For the first time, the phenomenon of lightning disappeared. In January 2010, none of the visible rays. Then, mysteriously, when the phenomenon is estimated to have been stopped, started again. This phenomenon is directly recorded by NASA satellites.

I suspect Quiroga, a change that could result from a change from El Niño to La Niña, global climate phenomenon, characterized by a remarkable ocean temperatures hot and cold in the Pacific Ocean, east of the line of Ecuador. Scientists believe that this miracle is also affected by El Nino caused a severe drought in Venezuela.

In fact, according to The Guardian, this loss of a lightning hit on stempat residents. Because the phenomenon of lightning is eternal traditionally used by sailors to navigate.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Scientists Discover Planet 'Snow White'

Astronomers United States (USA) says that a minor planet discovered by scientists to have a layer of ice and a little atmosphere.

Quoted by UPI on Wednesday (24/08/2011), nicknamed Snow White a small planet was covered by a layer of ice and have a bit of the atmosphere.

Scientists at the California Institute of Technology say that a small planet in the name of science 2007 OR10 may have a few layers of methane, the rest of the elements that make up the atmosphere.

"You will be able to see a beautiful picture of a planet that used to have volcanoes and the atmosphere, which is now just a cold and airless planet," said Mike Brown, professor of planetary astronomy at the California Institute of Technology.

"Small Planet is on the tip of the limits of our solar system and half the size of Pluto," he said.

Small Planet, a distance is also part of a collection of icy objects at the end of the space in our solar system called the Kuiper Belt.

"We are currently studying the planet when" live "Snow White," Brown said.

"Over the past four and a half million years, the snow-white world was already there, and then began to lose its atmosphere. It is now very little of the small planet's atmosphere," he said.

Defece Data Leak By AntiSec

Anonymous group of hackers with the rumored return AntiSec leaked emails and personal documents owned by Vanguard Industries of Defence (VDI) up to 1 GB.

VDI is a defense contractor based in Texas, United States (U.S.). It has sold weapons to the activities of law enforcement, military and private companies.

Disclosure of personal documents up to 1 GB per AntiSec also disclosed data about unmanned helicopter or VDI Shadowhawk the CCD optics offering TV / FLIR and can be equipped with a grenade launcher mm/40mm 37, a shotgun and a thermal camera.

The data presented above comes from personal e-mail of Richard T. Garcia, senior vice president VDI who previously worked as Deputy Director of the FBI in Los Angeles and Global Security Manager, Shell Oil Corporation.

Quoted by TG Daily on Saturday (20/08/2011), Garcia is also a member of the board or a group of InfraGard Alliance law enforcement, military contractors and private security are considered evil by the group AntiSec .

"These leaks contains records of internal meetings and contracts, schemes, a secret agreement, personal information about employees of other VDI, documents and dozens of" fighting terrorism "are grouped very sensitive to the application of law and is used only for official interest only, "said an official site AntiSec.

"Not only that, we also found evidence of a wealth management adviser for Merrill Lynch notified in advance a person to Garcia about the upcoming S & P credit reduces U.S. credit score," added AntiSec.

According AntiSec, data leakage is embarrassing and disturbing the stability of Vanguard's Defense Industries, as well as send a strong message to the community to other hackers.

Hat 'hackers' white', the entire law enforcement and the military 'care' that breaks messages, files and confidential documents. We can not stop and will not stop, "close the message of this group

Anonymous Member Leave.

Since the perceived mission has strayed from the beginning formed, one member resigned from the group of anonymous hackers.

As quoted from Softpedia, Monday (22/08/2011), a hacker who claimed to have been involved in attacks against Sony Anonymous, submitted his resignation on the grounds that the group had leaked the information data of innocent people .

Hacker named Matthew, who is known as 'SparkyBlaze' online name announced was out of action due to the Anonymous group in recent months.

"When I joined with Anonymous, I think I can help people. But in the last few months everything has changed in the anonymous. What I am talking about here is AntiSec and LulzSec," said Matthew.

"They walked into a conflict with me. AntiSec had leaked the information data of innocent people. Unuk what? What do you do?" added.

Matthew also acknowledges that Anonymous has also led a group that does not care about the bottom of your chain of command. "They always talk about rights of people who do not know, but why even move those rights?" said.

In addition, the alias Matthew SparkyBlaze also questioned why the group was not helping other people around the world captured in DDoS attacks.

Matthew also suggested that law enforcement authorities to stop persecuting the perpetrators of the pirates who are still children, and begin to chase the leader. Because of this, a group of hackers stop the damage and recruit new members.

Message SparklyBlaze also got a response from the leadership of the group Anonymous. "HAKC known as SparklyBlaze we remove it from the anonymous and the People's Liberation Front (PLF)," wrote Commander X hackers on his blog.

See " Defence Data Leak By Antisec "

Aliens Attack Earth Since Feeling Threatened

Everything we do on earth seemed to threaten us. It's not a question of why we must save the Earth?

NASA created a new report, written by NASA scientists at Penn State. It was explained that the report shows that there is a relationship in which the aliens are green, blue and orange out there can see as harmful to the man-made emissions, is considered a threat to them.

Maybe the aliens on Earth that has more risk than they expected. The report was questioned, perhaps the signal for foreigners here say that the unit is growing rapidly and must be destroyed before it grows even more.

In order to carry out attacks, the alien may be grabbing people and the destruction of the human body to kill a small ant. But maybe the aliens living with us?

NASA reports that philosophically entitled 'Is the contact with extraterrestrials is beneficial? "It offers three categories of possibilities.

As quoted in Cnet, on Friday (08/19/2011), a foreigner can become a very mysterious man, who just want to learn to play cricket, make baked Alaska and teach us to attack political opponents or social only laser that arise from the nails.

The second possibility is that the aliens have regarded man as a nuisance, and felt that people can afford. This report argues that may also be more bureaucratic, that encourage us to make the attack.

Or just may want to bake Alaska and attack humans. This may occur because vicious aliens, or just because they are a little awkward to do so.

If true, then Stephen Hawking warned in advance that the aliens might actually hate humans. However, this report attempts to compile many different stories, which is associated with the future of humans with other creatures.

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