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Monday, 8 August 2011

Harry Potter Fans Beware Trapped Pottermore.

LONDON - The end of the story of Harry Potter was appointed to the big screen has indeed been bewitched. many people around the world. The last part of the wizards of Hogwarts School is still hunted by the fans.

More recently Harry Potter author, JK Rowling released a Pottermore site for Harry Potter fans around the world. It's a site that displays the life of Harry Potter and the other side was still not opened to the public, or limited to certain circles who already have an account.

Madness and limitations is apparently exploited by cyber criminals to trick victims, some of them teenagers. These scammers are targeting the fans of Harry Potter by using the method of exploitation of phishing and malware spread. As reported by TG Daily, Saturday (06/08/2011).

Scammers mode which is mostly carried out by using the method of pretending to offer access to the site Pottermore.

Trapped victims will click the link provided. Instead of getting the desired site, even victims were taken to other sites that contain malware.

Indeed earlier in the eBay auction site that offers a lot of invitations to Pottermore a price USD100. eBay itself does not forbid it, as long as the original then it includes the sale of legitimate items.

That does not stop some of the early users from selling their accounts on Ebay, including many people who do not actually have an account.


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