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Monday, 8 August 2011

Women Try to Sell Her Childs on eBay

SIDNEY - A woman from Victoria, Australia, were investigated after discovered that he intends to sell two small children on the internet, to the highest bidder.

As quoted by ABC News, Sunday (17/07/2011), called the police last week when someone on eBay offering to sell two children.

The unnamed woman is selling the sons and daughters, who were aged below 10 years, to the highest bidder on eBay.

When the police interrogated her, the woman told them that he was only joking. But Bill Muehlenberg of the Family Council of Victoria, said that women who want to do is serious.

"Kids at this age, still trying to find their identity. The action will clear the sale of these children have a negative impact on their search for self identity and their parents," Muehlenberg said.

A spokesman for the police told her that her case was still under investigation. The woman was still trying to get away from the allegations.


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