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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Scientists story Desperate For 'Sex on the Moon'

Young scientist's dream to the skies, so the first person to set foot on Mars. Or at least be an astronaut. However, a bad reputation made the opportunity to realize it was almost zero. Nevertheless, Thad Roberts - the man's name, 'managed' to realize its wild imagination: making love on the Moon.

At that time, in 2002, Roberts was only 22 years apprenticing at the Johnson Space Centre owned by the U.S. space agency (NASA) in Houston, Texas. A remarkable achievement in his youth.
Like other young men who were intoxicated by love, he promises the moon in his girlfriend, Tiffany Brooke Fowler - was then 20 years, is also an internship at NASA. The difference is, they decided to make it happen.

The trick, Roberts, his girlfriend, and two colleagues stole the Moon rocks brought back six shuttle mission of the Apollo Building 31. The crazy, Roberts and his partner put the stone in it under the mattress, then make love on it. Not only that, they even planned to sell the precious stones on the internet. In fact, its value when it reached U.S. $ 2.5 million and U.S. $ 7 million.

The action had to be paid handsomely. He was arrested infestigasi federal agency (FBI) in 2002 and was sentenced to prison for eight years, although early release in 2008.

After his release from prison, Roberts contacted a leading author, Ben Mezrich. Telling her story is then recorded with the title 'Sex on the Moon'. A non-fiction works though Mezrich change the settings and some description. Since its launch into the bookstores July 12, 2011 last, best-selling book and even explode immediately filmed in the near future.

Not only that can be done Thad Roberts. As published Life Little Mysteries, July 26, 2011, he was just wasting his experiences at NASA and a bachelor's degree astrofisikanya. Behind the prison, he contemplates the mysteries of the universe and compose the largest 700-page thesis about his own theory - space quantum theory (QST). He claimed, that unite the theory of relativity Einstein's theory with quantum mechanics.

Roberts admitted regretted stealing moon rocks. "From experience, I can say there are many ways a more appropriate and productive for merasakah grandeur of nature rather than steal the moon rocks. You can ponder the universe and of time awesomeness, or peek at the Orion Nebula through a telescope, or a simple way, appreciate the feelings of love. 

Do not repeat the mistakes that I've ever done, "said Roberts told Life Little Mysteries.
Meanwhile, as published Deseret News, Roberts admitted he had hated for two years, before he finally forgive and never again tried to end his life. Imprisoned not make the tasting experience berpetualangnya balls shrink. 

He is still interested in the adventure - in a healthy sense of course. Roberts joined the Team Death Punch, a group that actively challenging sport. He also still have a dream. Became a lecturer. "I love teaching."

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