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Monday, 8 August 2011

Google Confused Gaza Strip Palestine or Israel ??

JAKARTA - The message chain BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) re-circulated among BlackBerry users. This time the message mentions an application to vote by Google on the Gaza Strip belonged to tetorial Palestine or Israel.

One of the digital map service owned by Google, that Google Earth is mentioned was soliciting input through a poll on the Gaza Strip. As is known the area is still an area konfilik, which diperbutkan by Israel and the Palestinians.

But strangely, in a poll that said the message from Google is actually directing the user to go to another link, which seems deliberately created for the polls.

"Google is having a vote on whether to name Israel or Palestine on its map on Google Earth please vote for Palestine and share. DO IT! Please! All u have to do is click the link and click Palestine! Pass on 2 as many people, "wrote the message received Legal fuel on Monday (08/08/2011).

When Legal menyambangin site, it seems the two flags of Israel and the Palestinians appear on the front page. Here, visitors told to choose an answer regarding his opinion on the conflict between the Gaza Strip by clicking the flag of Palestine or Israel.

Until now, there have been 6,287,956 visitors who include polingnya, with a percentage of 51.7 percent for Israel and Palestine by 48.3 percent.

Not yet known about the chain letters are circulating, because so far there has been no official statement from Google about the polls they do it. Especially in the service referrals not listed on these polls.


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