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Monday, 8 August 2011

Hackers Conference Involve on Children

LAS VEGAS - A conference of hackers in the United States (U.S.), held every year, are now beginning to open a program devoted to children.

Defcon, is an annual hacker gathering held each year. For gelarannya this year, they began to open a special program of children ages 8 to 16 years. These kids listen to presentations from the speakers about hacking, how to solve puzzles and learn the legal loopholes.

As quoted by AFP on Monday (8/7/2011), previous generations of hackers have grown old and now 'tradition' is passed on to their children. This makes the hackers parents brought children to the Kids in the program Defcon Defcon conference, to share knowledge.

"Many of us came to Defcon conference over the last two decades have been growing old," says Chris Hoff, founder of HacKid who helped organize a children's program at the Defcon conference.

"And many of us now have children who will inherit our abilities," he added.

Since the DefCon conference held in 1993, many of the participants had been 'converted' and become an expert internet security for companies and government agencies.

Defcon founder Jeff Moss, formerly known as Dark Tangent hacker, now working as a security expert at one of the institutions of government in the U.S.. DefCon this year's conference was held at the Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, California.

Parties to U.S. security agencies, which recruit talented hackers of the event, also presented a reading presentation letter password, to show to children.


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