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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Internet, 'Oil Field' The Hacker.

Millions of Internet pages are hijacked and harming millions of dollars in recent years has made it as an 'oil fields' for hackers, according to an internet security firm.

As quoted by USA Today, Friday (08/12/2011), the action hack into approximately 8 million internet pages of late, has been designed so that users can control the affected computer attacks.

According to internet security firm, Armorize, attacks by such methods that are now thriving.

"Abuse of the current small number of sites have made the Internet a more dangerous place," said Alena Varkocka, lab analysts from the firm of Avast antivirus.

"Even small websites that are not too important to do major damage if misused," he added.

Wayne Huang, Chief Technical Officer at Armorize, said that a small group of criminals using the server in the Ukraine to carry out attacks on several sites with mechanisms 'driveby download'.

"In the driveby downloads, malicious software is inserted into the user's web browser, which has access to a site that has been infected," explained Huang.

Added by Huang, that by being able to control the user's browser, the hacker was able to easily install all the malicious software that can retrieve all user data, whether it's identity, payment, social networking accounts, and others.

Google and Microsoft's own party said they regularly continue to scan sites were detected suspicious activities, and announce the infected pages through a browser Chrome and Internet Explorer. In addition they also provide free guidance and tools for sites to diagnose and clean it.

"But a lot of sites that get infected are not cleaned in time, as the hacker using a variety of ways so that they are not detected malicious software," says Jon Clay, Product Manager at antivirus firm Trend Micro.

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