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Monday, 8 August 2011

Have 100 Thousand SIM Card A Man Arrested By Police

NEW DELHI - Indian police are currently investigating how a man can have approximately 100 thousand unregistered SIM Card, considering the local law requires all SIM Card must be registered identity related to the telecommunications network.

Bablu a man named Anwar was arrested, has approximately 80 thousand to 100 thousand SIM Card, and has been accused of renting out the cards to the public without advance registration.

Bablu other fraudulent methods is when the SIM card has been used by the client, it will recharge the back of the card and rent them out to different clients.

As quoted from Cellular-News, Tuesday (26/07/2011), the lack of an audit of who is using a SIM card is illegal in India.

In addition, there are also allegations that the retailer also offered a higher incentive to sell the SIM Card in the customer application form (CAF) that they fill, or when it receives fraudulent documents from the customer, only to print the false sales figures.

For this case Bablu Anwar charged with breach of trust and fraudulent acts.


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