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Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Energy Surpasses Use of Nuclear energy.

CALIFORNIA - United States (USA) first established the use of new energy generated in the U.S. can omit the use of nuclear energy.

According to the U.S. information Power Management (USEIA) during the first quarter of this year, new energy sources (biofuels, geothermal, solar thermal water and air) provided 2.245 trillion BTUs (British thermal unit, the unit of energy used in the U.S. . UU.), or 11.73 percent of the energy produced in the U.S..

More information related to the production of energy produced by a variety of renewable energy in 2011 is 5.65 percent greater than the use of nuclear weapons. By providing 2125000000000 BTU and remained almost unchanged in recent years. The energy generated by renewable sources now account for 77.15 percent of domestic oil production. Similarly, quoted by TG Daily, Thursday (11/08/2011).

Trends in recent years by increased energy consumption is driven by new biofuel peningkata and the addition of wind capacity.

USEIA added from 2005 to 2009, growth in the use of wind energy on average 40 percent. While in 2006, up 36 percent of the total additional capacity of the electric power industry has been the use of wind generators.

The existence of economic and regulatory uncertainties, the two pledged to reduce the addition of wind capacity in 2010. In the context of research, renewable energy consumption is defined as beyond the generation of hydropower, wind, solar thermal and geothermal.

One of the new sources of energy that is useful to support the activities of transport biofuels (like ethanol and biodiesel) and biomass (like wood and wood waste) is useful for space flight, while production industrial water vapor can also be a power that came as a renewable resource. 


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