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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Former U.S. Army dig Mystery UFO in Suffolk.

This event is known as the Roswell incident the British style: a group of U.S. soldiers stationed in Suffok into the woods to investigate a mysterious light that makes them believe, it is a flying saucer extraterrestrials (aliens).

The apparition, in December 1980, until today still can not be explained. This incident became the story of UFOs (Unidentified flyng object) the most tempting and appealing in the UK. One involved in the investigation was rumored to even touch the alien craft.

What exactly happened at that time? New today, a man who led the investigation 'Forest Incident Rendlesham''akhirnya speak - after thirty years of silence. However, his decision to go to vote probably will not please those who believe in the existence of UFOs.

Here's the story:

In 1980, the U.S. Air Force Colonel, Conrad was the leader of the twin air base base, Woodbridge and Bentwaters, near Ipswich - who was believed to store nuclear weapons.

Only some time after Christmas, a mysterious light seen many times in the sky near Forest Rendelsham. Over reports of his subordinates, Conrad then decide, he must plunge, to investigate this incident.

Throughout the day, he was in the woods to look for traces of the existence of a mysterious light, whether there are markers on the trees and the ground - which may indicate a landing aircraft.

According to Conrad at the time, nothing special about the findings. It was okay. However, while returning to base he was appointed member of the best for probing the forest at night. Armed Geiger - ionizing radiation monitoring equipment, cameras, and devices to see at night, they entered the forest, to the location of 'landing'. Because there's nothing suspicious, they decided to return to base. A handful of others remain on site, including his deputy Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt.

Then how the story spread UFO?

The investigation preceded the appearance of light that night and witnessed the occupants of the base and their wives. However, not clear, the sky is overcast, they considered it was not anything suspicious.

However, Lt. Col. Halt reported the incident to the Ministry of Defence, saying what he saw 'comes from outer space'. He also accused the U.S. and Britain tried to cover it up. Conrad is not thought he saw something extraordinary, choose the silent moment.

Only now did he give a statement to David Clarke, an expert from Sheffield Hallam University and an adviser about the UFO at the National Archives - which this week plans to release data from the Ministry of Defence-related incident.

"What we saw was the same as the description of Lieutenant Colonel Halt, a good description of the sky or on the ground," he said as published by the Telegraph newspaper. "We have people who should be able to support the statement Halt, but none of them could."

He added, there is no strong evidence that something fishy terhadi. Geiger radiation scanner at the time showed a slight increase. But later investigation revealed that normal considering the location near a military base.

Conrad admitted behavior embarrassed by former deputies who spread false news about the UFO cover it and accusing his own country. He also denied the testimony of former members, Sergeant Jim Penniston who claim to touch the shuttle - felt the heat, even had time to record the symbol on the fuselage. Moreover, when asked its members at the time, Conrad did not hear one ever touched the UFO.

He said, the strange light was allegedly derived from the fireball or light Orford Ness tower within five miles of the base. Conrad accused, about the UFO is a hoax that spread his colleagues - including some who hold important positions in the U.S. military.
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