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Monday, 8 August 2011

The UN Exposed Biggest Cyber ​​Attacks

BOSTON - Internet security experts have discovered a largest cyber attacks, which attack the network of 72 organizations including the United Nations (UN), governments, and corporations worldwide.

Security firm McAfee, who discovered the attack, believing that there is one country that became the actor behind this attack, but they refused to mention it. Even so, one security expert said that the evidence leads to China. Similarly, as quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (03/08/2011).

Countries and institutions affected by these cyber attacks is the United States (U.S.), Taiwan, India, South Korea, Vietnam and Canada, ASEAN, the International Olympic Comitee (IOC), World Anti-Doping Agency, and others.

"For the UN itself, the hackers entered into the computer system the United Nations Secretariat in Geneva in 2008, hiding in it for nearly two years of confidential data," said Dmitri Alperovitch party, Vice President of Threat Research McAfee.

"Even we were quite surprised of beragamanya organizations who are victims of such attacks," added Alperovitch in the McAfee report as many as 14 pages.

McAfee leaders also questioned what would happen with the data from those sites that have been attacked. "This attack could certainly threaten the economy as a massive," he said.

The attack was supposed to be part of 'Operation Shady RAT' and began in mid-2006. RAT word itself is short for "remote access tool 'which is a type of software used by hackers and Internet security experts to access the computer network remotely.


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