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Monday, 8 August 2011

'King of Spam' Get 40 Years Prison Punishment

CALIFORNIA - A man from Las Vegas, California, which has sent more than 27 million spam messages to many Facebook users face many lawsuits that can be for 40 years in prison.

Sanford Wallace, who calls himself the 'King of Spam' is, pleaded not guilty at trial last week, after the accused had committed six acts of fraud emails, three intentional act of destruction against a computer system and two other criminal acts. Similarly, as quoted by The Age, Monday (07/08/2011).

The demands made in San Jose federal court, said that Wallace had attacked approximately 500 thousand Facebook accounts between 2008 until March 2009, by sending massive amounts of spam through the Facebook servers, as many as three times the action.

"Wallace collect account information of Facebook users by sending a message 'phishing' to trick users to provide their password" said the prosecutor.

"Then he will use the information to get into their account and post messages on the Facebook wall spam their friends. For those who click on the link will be directed to sites that pay for internet traffic Wallace received.

Earlier in 2009, Facebook has demanded Wallace under the federal anti-spam law (CAN-SPAM), which produces a court decision that he was temporarily prohibited from using Facebook. But he violated the order which adds to the lawsuit against him.

"We will continue to protect users from parties who want to strike up," said Chris Sonderby, Lead Security and Investigation Counsel, Facebook.

Wallace himself had been released after paying a deposit of USD100 thousand, but he is scheduled to return to stand trial on 22 August. "Wallace will conduct a defense for himself," said his lawyer, KC Maxwell.

As the 'King of Spam', Wallace had served as head of a company called Cyber ​​Promotions, which send 30 million emails per day in the decade of the 90s.

If successfully convicted of all the lawsuits, then Wallace could face imprisonment for 40 years and a fine of $ 1, 9 million.


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