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Monday, 8 August 2011

North Korean Prepare Troops Hacker Game

CALIFORNIA - North Korea reportedly has established forces hackers to attack gaming sites owned by South Korea, which is their eternal enemies.

As quoted from Cnet, on Monday (8/7/2011), North Korea and South Korea have been fighting for a long time, and now cyber attack is a type of 'weapon' that has begun to be used by both sides.

Police in Seoul said that four South Korean and North Korean people of Chinese descent have been arrested on charges of organizing a group of hackers consisting of 30 experts of video games.

The police said that forces the hacker to build software that is able to log onto a server for the games popular in the South kind of 'Lineage' and 'Dungeon and Fighter'.

"The accumulated value of the game in exchange for money in online games who became the target of hackers these troops," said Kil Chung-hwan, an official at the International Crime Investigation Unit, the South Korean police.

According to the The New York Times, over a period of two years, groups of specialists 'team building hackers' are already making money of $ 6 million. They provide 55 percent of it to the hacker, who also gave some details to the agent of North Korea in Pyongyang.

"They are regularly in touch with the North Korean agent to do the consultation," said Kil-hwan.

Parties to North Korea denies any such claims and accused the South Koreans have made a conspiracy theory.


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