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Thursday, 11 August 2011

What Different Asteroids, Comets, Meteoroid ?


According to Close to NASA Earth Object Program, Asteroids are rocky objects whose size is relatively small, inactive, and is in orbit around the sun.
Comets, is also relatively small, but sometimes it is an active object to vaporize the ice that had when exposed to sunlight and how the atmosphere (coma), which is composed of dust and gas. Sometimes, because the comet is moving fast enough, he formed a tail consisting of dust or gas.

Meteoroid itself is a tiny particle that escapes from comets or asteroids. Of the three, the asteroid is the most interesting objects to be studied by scientists.

As is known, until now, scientists still can not fully understand how early life is composed of organic substances which are not live, grow and evolve on Earth. By studying the asteroids, we can obtain more information.

 Reported by Fox News, June 30, 2011, the asteroids 2 Pallas and Hygiea 10, which is thought to have had water, which seems to have organic compounds (carbon-based) in it.

"Today, the asteroid has a chemical composition that is more primitive than that of Earth. Their position is similar to when our solar system was formed recently," said Carol Raymond, deputy principal investigator of NASA. "By studying, we can discover how life could arise on the planet," he said.

Raymond mentioned, there are some conditions that make Earth a very favorable environment for life in the past. "In addition, scientists argue that asteroid that fell to Earth in antiquity has provided material that helped initiate the formation of life on this planet," he said.


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