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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Cryonic, Resurrecting Corpse

Cryonic is a technique of freezing the body so that cells are not damaged, so it could be resurrected someday. The inventor is Robert Ettinger, who recently passed away and became the 106 patients that utilize this technology.

The body of Robert who died at age 92 on Saturday (23/07/2011) processed immediately after being declared dead a few minutes, with a given layer of ice. Furthermore, the tissue is filled with a certain compound and then frozen with liquid nitrogen.

After that, the bodies of Robert put in a special box called a cryostat for keeping it under freezing. In such conditions, it is expected the cells are not damaged so that if the technology is allowing the body can be resurrected again.

          Robert Ettinger is the American scientist who is also a veteran of World War II found the body of this freezing technology. In 1976, he established a foundation named Cronic Instistute. Of the original members can be counted on the fingers, in 2000 has reached 900 people.

 Not all members want to preserve the corpse itself if later died, some just want to preserve the DNA (deoxyribo nucleic acid) or a specific organ. In fact there who just want to preserve their pets, especially dogs and cats.

 Until now, cryonic freeze Instutite already recorded 64 dead pets, including dogs, cats, birds and hamsters. As for human remains, Robert Ettinger is a patient to a frozen-106 with the discovery techniques.

The first corpse is frozen with this technique is the mother of Robert Ettinger, Ettinger Rhea who died in 1977. The bodies of the two is his own wife Elaine, while his second wife Mae Ettinger became the 34th patient whose body was frozen with cryonic. 

Besides cryonic Institute, scientists who lived in Detroit also set up an organization that is Immortalist Society to scientists who study cryonic and other techniques to lengthen the life after death. 

Robert himself before he died has been advised that there was no funeral for her because it sure will one day live again.

 "Robert was very inspiring cryonic movement. Thousands of people around the world to look and certainly saddened to hear of his death, but hopefully someday he'll be back again," said David, the son of Robert, as quoted from Detnews.

Cryonic technique is by way of blood circulation and breathing are artificially restored and a series of drugs given to protect the brain from oxygen deprivation.Rapid cooling also begins, which further protects the brain. The goal is to maintain the brain remains alive as long as possible in the procedure.


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