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Friday, 5 August 2011

Not all smartphones that use the Android operating system has the same capability. This is certainly different from the iPhone, which each year to update its operating system, so the same quality.

There are a number of Android smartphone is a favorite, among others Nexus S 4G (Samsung Nexus S) or Motorola Atrix. However, many smartphones are considered less satisfactory. Whether it's because a bad performance, bad battery, or a number of features are not important.

As quoted from, here are five Android-based smartphone that is considered disappointing.

Huawei m835 Ideos

The screen is small, less than satisfactory performance, and a poor battery makes Huawei m835 smartphones Ideos judged disappointing. Small screen (2.8 inch / touchscreen) is considered comparable to a smartphone-sized dimensions 4 inches high and 2.2 inches wide. This causes difficulties for users typing and browsing becomes unpleasant. If you want to try the Android operating system, there are many other smartphones that can be selected, with prices as cheap as this smartphone.


Making a phone that can help you as a navigation tool is a good idea initially. However, this concept is not accompanied by a sales strategy, which was considered bad. The idea to apply expertise in the field of Garmin GPS satellites into the smartphone was not successful. This mobile phone makers as if not knowing, that in general the Android-based phone is equipped with Google Maps. Not to mention, there are still a lot of navigation apps available in Android Market, which can be downloaded. Obviously this causes the smartphone does not have more functions, in addition to the GPS device only.

Dell Streak

This phone, or tablet? When the question came, Dell Streak considered weaknesses combine cell phones and tablets. What good is a portable device that can be used to call, but it will not fit in a pocket. As a tablet, Dell Streak had lost much of the iPad or other similar products. Walt Mossberg, who is considered as the tech guru of The Wall Street Journal, even the rate of Dell products as the worst product in 2010. "It seemed silly to put Dell Streak ear, when used to call," said one of the reasons Mossberg.

Motorola Citrus

Slow internet browser on Citrus to the fundamental weakness of this smartphone. Moreover, the screen is too small making it difficult for users to read text. Citrus is also known for frequent changes to the Airplane Mode by itself, or hangs suddenly. If you are fanatical Motorola, you better buy Droid model, although have to pocket more than Citrus.

HTC Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt is certainly very surprising place in this list. Because all this the HTC Thunderbolt often assessed either in the various reviews on the smartphone, let alone a matter of speed and connectivity. However, a weak battery to be a major shortage of Thunderbolt. It seems useless to have a sophisticated smartphone, if it can not be used from morning to evening. Another drawback, if the network changes from 4G to 3G, a smartphone is often restart by itself.


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