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Monday, 1 August 2011

ZPBC, Sea of ​​Energy Microbial Monitoring System

Not to be outdone by the Army and Air Force, U.S. Navy also focus on environmentally friendly technologies. In his latest project, the Zero Power Ballast Control (ZPBC), their use of microbial energy to supply power for the sensor under the water.

ZPBC have the ability to surface and sending reports. He will serve as expendable Bathythermograph (XBT) and monitor the temperature of the ocean for weeks, months and even years.
To be sure, he was able to survive much longer than the XBT.

The U.S. Navy itself has been tested ZPBC for several weeks in Thailand to determine the level of its ability to monitor and determine the extent of energy efficiency occurs.

"This device is managed to surface and sink back periodically as desired using hydrogen gas," said Dr.. Justin Biffinger, scientists involved in the project, as quoted by TG Daily, July 7, 2011. "That is, these devices produce gas in sufficient quantities to produce buoyancy," he said.

ZPBC comes up to the surface can either use a timer attached to low energy, or using methods with no energy. All depends on the rate of microbial growth is there.

In the tool, a number of sensors have been installed on the device to detect, classify, monitor, surfacing, send report, and then back down to the bottom of the sea. Self-reported information can be used for science or the military.


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