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Saturday, 6 August 2011

An Australian site promises an intimate relationship 'success' or money back. According to the site's founder, life is too short, then the associated intimlah. site founder Noel Biderman who founded the site in 2001 was recently launched 'definitely a money-back guarantee'. According Dailymail, the site had eight million members worldwide who choose affair.

Biderman said the affair like a wedding, should be nurtured. "If you want to find the right level of success, the level of commitment required. If this is not berhasili, we refund your money, "he said.

Users need not worry about anything. The reason is, this site will delete the communication that occurs among members. Users can also conceal his true identity. Biderman claims, if his wife cheating, he will be destroyed.

"I am loyal. My wife had a physical and emotional needs that I should meet. If not, he'll cheat and I will be devastated if it does happen, "he said. Biderman site has angered a group of families in Australia.
Peter Stokes of the Family Council of Victoria said, "This site makes the relationship declining value."


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