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Saturday, 6 August 2011

12 High-Tech Concept 3D Printer Future

It's the 21st century - But Why is the printer is still so big, ugly and wasteful? And here are some concepts for future printers that will change our lives

Self-Replicating 3D Printer

 RepRap can produce complex three-dimensional objects ... including copies of itself. Proverbial your home office will become a mini factory with just downloading the plan and then bar the plastic molding into various household items.

Printer Food Maker?

 Given that some printers can replicate, could also imagine a 3D printer that can cook and assemble food by pressing a button. Some food concepts envision futuristic gadgets printer loaded with ingredients that can be whipped up practically anything imaginable, though probably would not taste like the food we enjoy today.

Mini Giant: Crawling Robotic Large-Scale Printer

Ingin mencetak benar-benar sesuatu, kapan saja, di mana saja? Kombinasi kertas ZINK, yang memiliki kristal pewarna berwarna tertanam di dalamnya, dan "Mini Giant" printer dapat menghasilkan sepraktis mungkin - bahkan skala besar seperti poster. Mini Giant mendorong sendiri di selembar kertas ZINK untuk mencetak menggunakan teknologi berbasis panas . 

Pencil Printer II

Availability of erasers separately in the first design of the same waste time in this reworking. Therefore, Hoyoung Lee, Jeong Jin-young Seunghwa & Yoon, making the printer is much more complete and efficient. Sure, remove by hand is going to more work, but you can do a more thorough job for yourself 

Pencil Printer I


The problem with the printer? if you make a mistake, there is no way to remove them. You have to start all over again, throwing a piece of paper and ink. So why not use graphite instead? This printer is a creative concept designed by Hoyoung Lee to do that, using the old pencil nubs which are usually discarded and are also available eraser to remove them.

Printer With Colored Pens

No one likes to buy printer cartridges right? Moreover, too often runs out? innovation this printer uses who drops out of the pen. Thus, the cartridge in use in this concept using a pen that would be available if you run out a lot.

PrePeat Rewritable Printer Without Inks.

PrePeat use all the concepts above and one step ahead. This eco-friendlyprinter uses special paper made from PET plastic which reportedly can be used up to 1,000 times. The printer, which does not use ink or toner, automatically clean sheets to use and reprint. That's a cool idea, but definitely affordable costto the current $ 5,600.

 Printer With Tea Dregs.

Coffee and tea are loaded with pigment and often used as a dye, so it makes sense to use them as a dye (ink) naturally. This printer will allow users to put coffee grounds or tea into the printer, making it more efficient

Printer Road

If the printer can make a design on paper, why not change until the road surface?workers can get more done by using solar-powered printers Road do most ofthe work with pre-programmed templates and jet-spray paint cartridge that moves from side to side between the wheels.

 Scan-and-Draw Pen Creates Customized Ink

A printer, scanner, and a pen in one? This allows the pen to write with the same color of the object taken with the scanning and reproducing the RGB color of the ink cartridges. This design has limitations, given the small size of the ink cartridge, but the dream to make this equipment may quickly answered.

StickPop Printer is Ultra-Portable

Remember the days when we all terparangkap at a computer desk or talking on the phone? Portable gadgets will in ways we never thought possible a decade or two ago. StickPop concept is battery operated printer, printing via the USB cable is small enough to fit in your laptop bag.

Printer Toaster

This is the concept of a printer like a toaster. Whereby when the bread through the printer it will be directly burnt toast form.


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