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Monday, 29 August 2011

Specifications Galaxy Secrets Revealed 7.7

Secrets of the Galaxy 7.7 finally revealed. This is the inaugural Ice Cream Sadwich from Samsung.

Specifications of the latest tablet Samsung secret finally revealed bit by bit. Galaxy 7.7 is definitely going to use the Android operating system 3.x Honeycomb.

In addition, the device is said to have super AMOLED screen measuring 7 inches with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. Reportedly, if these tablets will be available in two different versions of p6200 or p6210. p6210 will use WiFi while the p6200 will be equipped with HSPA. It is quoted Slash Gear, Sunday (08/28/2011).

Some observers believe that if the tablet Galaxy 7.7 will have a rear camera of 3 mega pixels, while the front side of the tablet will use the resolution 2 mega pixel camera.

In addition observers also expect if the new Galaxy will be released this Samsung uses technology that supports 4G LTE. so it can be faster in accessing the data.
Some media have reported that Samsung is preparing to launch nine new smartphones and a new two-tablet devices.

"We appreciate the interest of the media and consumers to find the latest mobile devices and tablets which will then be issued. 

We will shortly provide official information about all our new products later," said the Samsung.


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