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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Menstruation Machine For Men

If you are men who are curious to know the pain a woman during menstruation or menstruation, can now try it. With menstruation Machine, a man could know how it hurts women's monthly.

Menstruation is a physiological change in a woman's body that occur periodically and are influenced by reproductive hormones. Typically, in this period women experience monthly menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea.

Dysmenorrhea usually starts shortly before or during menstruation, reaching a peak within 24 hours and after 2 days will disappear.

Dysmenorrhea is often accompanied by abdominal pain, heartburn, headache, nausea, constipation or diarrhea, fever, pain and swelling in the breast and frequent urination. Sometimes until there is vomiting.

In hormonal, menstrual and dysmenorrhea can only be felt by women. But Hiromi Ozaki aka Sputniko (25 years), Japanese-English artist who is also a programmer to design a device that allows a man could feel the woman's monthly menstrual pain.

Ozaki who studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College, London, gave the name of the device with menstruation Machine. 

Machine menstruation is an art project done by their interest Ozaki with a monthly cycle that is almost always felt female.

By displaying the features of the Royal College of Art's Design Interactions, the machine is intended to let him feel the woman's menstrual pain that is felt, although the tool is also designed for women.

Reporting from CNetNews, silver-colored machine tools are conceptually worn around the waist like a belt.

To shed blood, the device comes with blood dispensing mechanism, which will shed about 80 milliliters (2.7 ounces) of blood from the tank that stimulate menstrual period an average of five days.

The device also provides a kind of IPAD technology that serves to inhibit blood flow.

In addition, the device is also equipped with stimulation electrodes lower abdomen (lower-abdominal-stimulating electrodes), which is a machine that will stimulate the stomach cramps similar to the woman's monthly menstrual pain.

Machine menstruation can be used by men who wanted to feel closer to women (eg mother or his wife) and the experience of menstrual pain she felt.

This device can also be used by women who no longer menstruate, usually this process only becomes a ritual and gender identity.


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