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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Scientists Create Anti-bullet Skin

Jalila Essaidi, scientists from the Netherlands, making a unique innovation by creating bulletproof skin. Innovations were made in the project named "2.6g 329m / s", based on the weight and speed of a .22-caliber long rifle bullet.

Bulletproof skin is made by first harvest spider silk proteins from genetically engineered goat milk. Proteins were collected and woven so as to produce the material as strong as steel. Then, coupled with human skin cells cultured in a way.

Culture results showed bulletproof skin tissue. In a YouTube video, as shown by Essaidi under this article, artificial skin was successfully stop a bullet, though not the caliber and high-speed.

The development of this innovation is still needed, but Essaidi've got a lot of wishful thinking. "Imagine a bulletproof vest with spider silk that could catch a bullet in the modern period with an arrow Genghis Khan," said Essaidi.

Even crazier, he said, "Imagine that we replace the keratin, the protein responsible for skin hardness, with spider silk. It is possible to insert genes spider silk makers in the human genome so as to create bulletproof man."

Aka science fiction only a fantasy? Probably yes. However, if the aim is only bulletproof vests, even now already exists. Creating bulletproof man is a more revolutionary goal. We wait for further research developments.

For those who want to see, leather bulletproof successfully created Essaidi is now on display at the National Museum of Natural History Naturalis, Leiden, The Netherlands, until January 8, 2012 to come.


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