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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Woman Paying 180 Dollars For A iPad From Wood

A woman thinks she has won a bargain after getting an iPad cheaply in McDonald's parking lot.

But was surprised Ashley McDowell (22) after arriving at home, instead of getting advanced tablet, iPad bought $ 180 worth are just a piece of wood painted with the Apple logo.
Ashley told the Spartanburg County Sheriff's office in South Carolina that he was duped by two men on Monday night, which offers cheap iPad him.

Both men mengatkan that they buy computers in bulk and sell them at a discounted price of each $ 300 below the regular list price of $ 499.

Although Ashley said she had only $ 180, both men readily agreed to give an additional discount, and he immediately paid in cash without first checking the contents of the box.

Arriving home, Ashley immediately opened the package and found a painted board, framed with black ribbons and icons web browser, email inbox and iPhoto are deliberately placed. Even a Best Buy sales receipt in a box is also false.


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