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Sunday, 4 September 2011

JEANS PC: Glasses Can Make You Work Longer Hours At The Computer

When viewed from the lens design is J! NS PC (read: JEANS) is no different with the glasses hanging out, but you are wrong because these glasses that one can make your eyes do not tire quickly due to work on the computer too long. NS J! PC is claimed to reduce blue light (known as the Blue Light) to 55% issued by a monitor and this light usually causes rapid eye fatigue.

In theory, with these glasses you can work longer hours at the computer of origin willing to pay 3990 yen for this PC J! NS. A more interesting type is J! NS Moisture ie glasses that will reduce the rapid dry eye.
Its design is quite unique because on the side there is a small box filled with water to keep your eye so that moisture does not dry quickly.
 J!NS Moisture is also sold at the same price of 3990 yen


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