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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

'Lost City' Discovered in Turkey

A group of scientists and archaeologists from the University of Canakkale has found the remains of an ancient lost city, and even over the city of Troy, who is buried in the Dardanelles.

As quoted in the National Turkish, Wednesday (09/28/2011), a study led by Professor Rustem Aslan, found the remains of an ancient city in the region Erenkoy, Canakkale, Turkey. After getting the evidence, the research team continues to improve the intensity of research and found evidence of many other complementary ..

Based on research, the scientists concluded that the objects the results derived from an ancient city seven thousand years old. Then, from these results that also believe ba

"We are confident of pottery were found, it is estimated that the city was about 5,000 years before Christ. We also believe that culture on the coast of the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles had been buried under the water," said Professor Rustem Aslan.

"The things we found was 90 percent under water. This is what might indicate the water level of the Dardanelles in the past," he said.

The discovery of this ancient city is of vital importance to scientists and historians of Turkey, as it could be a source of funds for excavations that are next.


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