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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Google: The acquisition of Motorola caused Disaster

Google after the purchase of Motorola created a lot of envy of the vendors client users Android operating system, but the ambitious Internet giant is trying to avoid it.

As quoted from Total Telecom on Tuesday (09/27/2011), Eric Schmidt, Google Inc. CEO., Saying they will not contribute to the mobility Holdings Inc.. acquisitions after some time, fearing that such action could cause a negative impact on the global ecosystem Android.

Schmidt said Google is dangerous to alienate other software vendor, if Motorola helped to develop the field.

"If it does (Motorola) bothers me then that Allah, because if you do the result will be a disaster, and ruin the whole ecosystem," said Schmidt.

Some time ago, Google announced the acquisition of Motorola USD12, 5 million dollars. The move was seen by many observers as Google's efforts to increase its technology patents, and also the desire to add more devices are compatible with your operating system.

Android OS itself since it was first released in 2007, has been doing a lot of popularity amongst many smartphone users worldwide.

According to recent data published by Nielsen Mobile Insights, approximately 56 percent of users prefer to buy a smartphone based on Android OS handset.


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