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Saturday, 1 October 2011

BlackBerry Games That Make Addicted

After months of July, RIM launched the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) SDK (Software Development Kit), applications that make use of this fuel began to appear in the App World. There is an exception to games that use the fuel.

One of them is very interesting and very exciting playing is Caro. The application of this game was made by Louis Tang, a software developer in Vietnam. Caro has just published the August 22, 2011, and then, but users of this day is 250 thousand.

Caro TicTacToe game is similar to a larger grid that is 15x15. The winner is the one who can connect the symbols S or X to 5 points. The integration of this game with the fuel, allowing users to play this game with BBM contacts.

The way to start playing is to invite a contact BBM, which also has games of this Caro, after the main opponent accepts the invitation, then the game can begin.

Caro statistics record a victory, defeat, draw / set and level. These statistics are published in the standings ( In addition to integration with the fuel, Caro also be connected with your Facebook account that allows the installation of Caro on Facebook wall activity.

To play the game Caro, BlackBerry must meet the following requirements:

- Internet connection
- BlackBerry ID (for registration)
- OS 5 + +
- BlackBerry Messenger version 6 + +

Once the needs are met and download and install on your BlackBerry Caro. Caro game can be downloaded at this link or search for "Caro" in the AppWorld BlackBerry.

In short Caro game is pretty good and worth a try. Caro can play alone online, but it's very exciting when played with friends BBM contacts. At this writing there are 771 comments that have been presented in which almost all the positive feedback and there are 3123 AppWorld like on Facebook.


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